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Jan 29, 2014 3:41pm

You have probably seen the billboards, the blogger posts, the banner ads, the news spots, and maybe even the TV commercials (apparently people still watch TV?). Even a faux demonstration of grammarians protesting the gross...


Jan 08, 2014 2:19pm
<p>Gov. Brian Sandoval, left, attends a Veterans Day ceremony Nov. 11 at the Nevada State Veterans Home in Boulder City. The state is investigating the home for various complaints including abuse and not properly reporting a possible assault.</p>

Gov. Brian Sandoval, left, attends a Veterans Day ceremony Nov. 11 at the Nevada State Veterans Home in Boulder City. The state is investigating the home for various complaints including abuse and not properly reporting a possible assault.


The City of Las Vegas had thought its search for a new finance director was over, only to have their choice bolt for Fort Worth, Texas before any ink had dried on the contracts. Aaron Bovos was set to meet members of the City Council on Dec. 17 when word was sent that he had accepted the top finance position in the Texas city. An item confirming him and his $157,500 salary was set to be heard before the City Council on Dec. 18 but was pulled. The city was not too forthcoming on what they’re going to do next; relaunch another national search or go off the list compiled during the initial search. Former Finance Director Candace Falder retired in early August, and a deputy director has been overseeing the department during the search. The last-minute bolt by Bovos, who was from Georgia, is made more curious because his salary in Fort Worth will by $158,000, only $500 more than what Las Vegas offered.


With the NFL season dying down, Senate Majority Leader and Nevada’s own Harry Reid decided to chime on on the trumped-up controversy swelling around the name of the Washington Redskins. Reid said if he owned the team he would think about changing the name that could be considered offensive by some Native American groups. A member of the Navajo Nation suggested the first part of the name is what’s offensive, and “just take away the ‘Washington’ and leave the ‘Redskins,’ then everything will be fine.” Right now the football club has bigger problems with a 3-11 record and its starting quarterback benched.


We know, we already discussed this issue in the open letter. It is just hard to believe the culturally conservative state of Utah has gay marriage, and we don’t. Get on the ball, lawmakers!


Las Vegas Democrat and state Sen. Mark Manendo is submitting a bill in the next legislature that would prevent Nevadans convicted of intentional acts of animal cruelty from owning animals. Their names would be put on a public registry that those involved in the sale or adoption of pets could refer to before the sale. This follows a request for legislation by fellow state Sen. David Parks, also a Las Vegas Democrat, to require police to go through training in dealing with dogs to avoid the shooting of people’s prized pets.


Work is continuing on the F Street Re-opening project, even if it seems like it is not. Work will begin Jan. 2 on McWilliams Avenue from F to E streets, improving the storm drain and sewer.Nearly three weeks later, roadwork and utility work on F Street from I-15 to Washington will start, making a bigger mess of traffic in the area. However, the onramp to southbound I-15 at D Street and Washington Avenue will remain closed through the summer.


A $633 billion military spending bill recently passed by the U.S. Senate also establishes stricter policies on how the brass treats sexual assault claims within its ranks. With backing from Harry Reid and Dean Heller, the bill is aimed at preventing sexual assault among its ranks while strengthening protections for victims. The defense department is also in the midst of a review of its policies and procedures, but the report isn’t scheduled for 12 months. Let’s hope concrete changes come from this, not just a bunch of talk.


The state is investigating allegations of abuse at the Nevada State Veterans Home outside Boulder City, the only such facility in Southern Nevada. Accusations range from leaving a resident in the sun too long, to giving medication without consent, to not reporting an assault to the police. This comes a few months after Boulder City police investigated a report of missing funds at the home, turning their unknown findings over to the state. Needless to say, if some or all these allegations turn out to be true, our elder veterans deserve better.

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