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<p>Visitors browse stores at the Downtown Container Park during its opening Nov. 25. The operators said a new bag-checking policy was because the city of Las Vegas wanted to keep liquor out. The city of Las Vegas said, &amp;#8220;Um, no. We never said that.&amp;#8221;</p>

Visitors browse stores at the Downtown Container Park during its opening Nov. 25. The operators said a new bag-checking policy was because the city of Las Vegas wanted to keep liquor out. The city of Las Vegas said, &#8220;Um, no. We never said that.&#8221;

EDITOR'S NOTE: After CityLife went to press, we received the following note from the Downtown Project spokeperson: "I wanted to let you know that we have discontinued random bag searches at Downtown Container Park. There may be times such as special events or concerts where we believe bag searches should be used to ensure guests' safety. But this will no longer be a standard procedure." 


Some of our friends and neighbors are a bit nonplussed (nonplussed being our absolutely favorite adjective for the 2013 Holiday Season of Holidays) that their bags are being searched before going into the Container Park.

The Container Park, of course, is just the latest gift bestowed by you, the Masters of the Universe, to us, the consumers of the gifts bestowed by the Masters of the Universe. The little people. Those who live or visit the downtown that is your playground.

Most of those gifts have been pretty neat, so thanks for those! We are really enjoying the bars and restaurants (they’re a little pricey but otherwise nice) and of course there’s the Downtown Rangers in their spiffy brown uniforms to keep us safe, even if they’re not “security.” The Container Park with its nice lawn and stage and giant flame-throwing praying mantis and bars and restaurants (even though they’re a little pricey) is pretty cool, too.

But anyway, some of us don’t like to be searched. Some of us find it annoying that the security (the private ones in the blue uniforms, NOT the Downtown Rangers!) at the Container Park assume we are bad people if we have a shopping bag. It doesn’t help that the Container Park security (blue uniforms) apparently don’t care if people bring handguns into the Container Park (according to a recent Las Vegas Weekly column by Downtown Joe).

Guns are OK, but the real threat, apparently… is outside food or drink. We understand the need to support the businesses in the Container Park, and we understand also that it is private property (playground of the Masters of the Universe, etc.). So we’re not arguing that you, the Master of the Universe, choose to allow gun-toting people to come and eat and drink at your bars and restaurants, but we find the reality of uniformed security rooting through our packages for errant Tic-Tacs or cans of Diet Coke somewhat alarming and unnecessary.

By the way, we wondered about the claim that the city government has asked Container Park staff to search the bags of we little folk who might want to visit the private property. Here’s what a city employee helpfully explained: “We have NOT asked for searching of bags for people entering Container Park. It is a private business, so if they want to search bags that is their decision.”

And the other claim, bandied about by those who seek to justify the rooting, that this is something that happens all over the place: We have never been searched whilst shopping at the mall, going to the movies or engaging in similar other daytimey consumer-type activities. If this is, as the claim suggests, the new normal, then the new normal is not very comforting. Why make the Container Park the exemplar of the post-apocalyptic future?

Some of our friends and neighbors have proposed filling up shopping bags with really gross stuff and then going to the Container Park, but while that might make some kind of statement, we think that’s just nasty.

(CityLife sent a nice email to the Container Park’s boss, but she hasn’t responded. We wanted to ask what exactly they are rooting around for in our packages, but since we haven’t heard back we’ll just go with what the Masters of the Universe told the master-friendly media.)

So anyway, if you really don’t want us there, just let us know. Or maybe that is the whole point of the policy? Some of our friends and neighbors have already gotten on their not-very-high horses (we are the wee folk, after all) and suggested they won’t go down there for a bit. We at CityLife haven’t joined them in their informal boycott - not yet.


CityLife Staff