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Executive education excrement

As an education president, Barack Obama has proven himself to be a dunce. And his ongoing, vicious attacks on teachers and principals in the name of reform have started to turn against him. Big time.

For those outside the playing field of public education, who have not yet grasped the incompetence behind Obama’s devotion to the corporate takeover of our nation’s schools, one need look no further than the Silly Putty way he recently rolled-out his Obamacare health program— stretching his credibility in every conceivable direction.

The man, not unlike many in his line of work, is an ongoing hollow slogan without a plan. And, as far as education goes, he has proven, time and again, he knows not whereof he speaks.

Once, Obama stated he would not be satisfied until there was a “great” teacher in every classroom in America. Interesting. Because, semantically, if there were a “great” teacher in every classroom in America at some point in time, then, at such a time, there would be only “average” teachers in classrooms in America. But linguistics aside, to speak thusly is to ignore the subjective nature of what constitutes “greatness”— which is usually in the eye of the beholder. One kid’s “great teacher,” for example, can be another student’s total turn-off or torturer.

In other words, there is more contained in heaven and hell than in our dunce-like president’s thoughtless, corporate-based rhetoric.

Lately, a national groundswell of discontent has been gaining momentum against Obama’s systematic promotion of socialism in education, known as the K-12 Common Core State Standards Initiative. This deceptive plan - with its seductive name - originally was put together by the nation’s governors to, surprisingly, surrender control over the education of children in their states to the federal government. (Surprising, because so many “anti-federal” Republicans backed it.)

However, once Obama got hold of this sweet socialist concept, he added a sadistic twist to it. During recessionary times when education money was scarce, he gingerly doled out his coveted federal Race To The Top funds only to states promising to adopt the Common Core standards. Currently, 45 out of 50 states, including Nevada, are on board with the president’s program for these “national standards.” Does the name Pavlov ring a bell?

The main problem is, though, the Common Core has never been field-tested. And “field-testing,” i.e. scientific proof that something works, is the sine qua non of good education. What this means is that America’s students are guinea pigs for our socialist experiment in education.

Furthermore, the Common Core standards - which really aren’t valid standards, at all - simply reduce a child to a 17th century-type tabula rasa, or blank slate upon which data will be coldly stamped. (In the 20th century we actually did learn that children, rather than blank slates, are complex, malleable, organic (Piagetian) entities developing at their own paces in a variety of natural ways.)

Therefore, using the unscientific Common Core methodology, most students now simply will be bar-coded with a corporate stamp of approval on their skulls upon graduation. Their cognitive modus operandi will be the universal standard of individual thinking along with, when necessary, the universal standard of group thinking. God bless America. And Cuba. And China, too.

However, what we’ll do with our substandard kids hasn’t been fully explained yet. Perhaps a visit to China or Cuba might show us how that goes.

In Kentucky, where Common Core standards were first implemented, in 2010, test scores have remained embarrassingly “lackluster,” though some cruel scholastic changes have unnecessarily disrupted the lives of many kids. There is now a swelling grassroots movement there to repeal these nefarious standards.

And in New York, following a 30 percent drop in test scores after the first year using Common Core, more than 500 principals, along with thousands of parents and teachers, have signed a protest letter, according to the Washington Post, expressing “deep concerns about the validity of the Common Core (standards).”

In response to the growing national rebellion against these illogical reforms, Obama’s Education Secretary Arne Duncan reportedly has recently said, “It’s fascinating to me that the pushback is coming from, sort of, white suburban moms who, all of a sudden, their child isn’t as brilliant as they thought they (sic) were.”

Wow. Duncan has openly acknowledged he said as much. Not a word about Hispanic suburban moms, or black suburban moms, or Native American suburban moms. But just “white suburban moms” with their white suburban babies — the real reasons behind Obama’s education initiatives failing in America.

But wait! There’s more! Author Maya Angelou, hardly a candidate for the “white suburban mom” category, has signed a letter of protest, along with about 120 other authors according to MSNBC, against “the negative impact” of Obama’s Race To The Top education agenda. Ironically, Angelou did so several weeks before Duncan’s comments regarding white people and their stupid-ass white kids. Apparently Arne didn’t get Maya’s memo.

In the meantime, dedicated teachers and principals keep laboring in the trenches of our public schools in the midst of all this unintelligible, to put it mildly, executive education excrement.

And ain’t that some shit?

CHIP MOSHER is a simple classroom teacher.