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Chip Mosher: Satan in our schools

“Something wicked this way comes.”

— Shakespeare

The battle for good and evil is almost over in America. And everybody knows, as Leonard Cohen sings, the good guys are losing.

During the past decade, the minds of our children have been taken over and bar-coded by the corporate-based reform movement. With a cellphone in every kid’s zombie-like hand, and a teacher without a personality in every classroom, each child has been learning to march in lockstep to the prefabricated answers of corporate-sanctioned tests. And any student’s cerebral activities roaming outside the bubbles on such tests are now graded as thought-crimes. Thus, the Devil’s darkness has descended on the minds of our young.

Public education has been dying a slow death by a thousand paper cuts under these diabolic reforms. First, President George W. Bush took corporate control of our schools with his mind-numbing No Child Left Behind mandate — a mandate in sheep’s clothing to do the Devil’s work. And for the last four years, President Barack Obama has intensified Bush’s destruction of public education by gleefully gutting the souls of teachers with his anti-union, anti-academic agenda.

Now, in America’s upcoming presidential election, the Prince of Darkness has hedged his bets by deviously placing two “reform” candidates, Mitt Romney and Obama, on the ballot. Why? To ensure the satanic corporate takeover of the world. This is the real-life version of The Omen movies.

If you cherish public education, there is only one way to vote in this presidential election: “None of these candidates.” Then let your political party’s leaders know you refuse to support their hellish reforms taking over the nation’s classrooms with their widespread cheating, cooked books and lies.

On a local level, with Question No. 2 — to raise more than a half-billion dollars in property taxes to fix the broken toilets in our schools — the political picture is equally bleak. This is yet another ploy by the gambling industry to avoid paying its fair share to support education.

In 2010, when arguing against raising the casino tax rate to support schools, whiny gaming lobbyist Billy Vassiliadis said: “[Casinos] gave blood before and have given blood time after time.”

But Nevada has the lowest gaming tax rate in the world, 6.75 percent. MGM Resorts recently has been granted permission to build a $2.5 billion casino in China, where casinos happily pay close to 40 percent in similar taxes. This is how (and why) the gambling business has strip-mined money off the backs of our underfunded students and poorly paid teachers. Now it wants citizens in a recession to cough up the cash for our schools’ broken toilets?

Superintendent Dwight Jones has been inappropriately ramming the propaganda behind Question 2 down teachers’ throats during school hours. Plus, Associate Superintendent Joyce Haldeman, a fan of the ghoulish corporate-based “reforms,” has been visiting schools to aggressively peddle Question 2.

True, dear reader, God may work in mysterious ways, but Lucifer does not — at least for those paying attention. Hence, let us, for once, not give the Devil his due.

Vote “No” on Question 2. And “None of these candidates” in the presidential election. Just say no to the demons destroying public education. And have a happy Halloween.

CHIP MOSHER is a simple classroom teacher.