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<p>Chip Mosher</p>

Chip Mosher

In last week’s Driving Issue, CityLife staffers recorded a roundtable discussion in which, among related issues, we described our difficulties sticking to the strict letter of the recent law against using a cell phone while driving. Didn’t sit well with these folks.

Excerpts from a call to the editor, May 21: I’m 77, and I’m still driving and all that shit … I’ve done a lot of driving, in fact, I drove from New York to here, and I never needed a phone in the car … when you get in a car, it’s to go from A to B — that’s it … there’s no fucking reason to use a cell phone in the car … you’re smart people, what’s the justification? … God forbid someone should get hurt because someone is on a cell phone … by the way, I love the work that you do.

A reader

(by phone)

Really? The law is not about your convenience, it is about the safety of you and the people around you. As a wife and ride-along of a professional driver, you guys need to get a clue. Driving is a privilege, not an entitlement. I could go on for pages, however the argument is about paying attention. If people drove responsibly to begin with, this wouldn’t be an issue. How many accidents have you avoided because you watched the person beside you weaving in and out of lanes while their eyes were on their phone? Have you ever driven a motorcycle down the 95? If it wasn’t a problem, we wouldn’t need the law.


(on the website)

Yeah, it’s all funny, that’s why at this moment Las Vegas has had 58 pedestrians hit .Yes, some were jaywalking. But if you had your mind on your driving you would see them.


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Amy Kingsley’s coverage of the Libertarian Party convention in CityLife’s May 10 issue was only slightly less contemptuous of libertarian politics than what one usually gets in the press, although given how little positive or negative coverage the movement gets, it may be hard to tell. The article still had comments best summarized with the sentence: “Candidates who don’t like government tend to have very underdeveloped notions about how it should work.” The problem being that candidates who do like government also have very undeveloped notions about how it should work.

For instance, we have the Republican leader, Mitt Romney, who wants to double down on Bush Junior’s borrow-and-spend policy, versus the incumbent President Barack Obama, still stuck in a recessionary “recovery” either because Obama wasn’t Keynesian enough (if you believe Paul Krugman) or too Keynesian (if you believe anybody else).

And then there’s the gay issue. As Americans become more accepting of the reality of gay relationships, President Obama could only bring himself to endorse gay marriage after his foot-in-mouth running mate, Joe Biden, committed the political crime of telling the truth in public. Meanwhile Romney is a bishop in a church that was hunted to near-extinction in the 19th century over its unorthodox sexual codes — for which his own forebears fled to Mexico — yet he still thinks it’s OK for state and federal governments to delegitimize the marriage choices of other consenting adults.

I think (LP nominee) Gary Johnson is more in touch than Romney and Obama on these and some other public concerns, but the latter two aren’t being sneered out of contention for public office. But given the usually supine position of “The Fourth Estate” towards the two parties in charge, reporters might be afraid of getting arrested. Or at least, afraid of losing interviews and press access.

James Gillen

(by e-mail)

<strong>NEW WRINKLES, SAME SLEAZE</strong>

Responses to George Knapp’s recent columns updating the lives of some of our more notoriously controversial politicians:

I love the way these scumbags have turned over a new leaf. Yvonne [Atkinson Gates] got her Ph.D. Lynette [Boggs McDonald] is studying for the Texas bar exam. And Lance [Malone] is a humble pizza-maker. I’ve lived in this town long enough to have learned something about local politicians: Once a sleaze, always a sleaze.


(on the website)

Yvonne Atkinson Gates is still around?? I figured the way she disgraced herself she would’ve left town. Considering her thesis, this woman has no shame, and I hope I get the chance to tell her so.


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<strong>HOITY TOITY, ARE WE?</strong>

This reader had an thought about one of Al Mancini’s recent reviews:

“I was also mildly let down by a pair of crab cakes served with lemon aioli and Poblano remoulade.”

First world problems.

I have 99 and a crab cake aint one.


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In last week’s Damned Pundit column, Jim Gibbons’ 2007 election as Nevada’s governor provided Hugh Jackson a scary lens through which to examine the GOP electorate and evaluate Mitt Romney’s chances of victory.

Damn you, Pundit! That’s a pretty good write-up there. It’s truly twilight in America.


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