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Mulroy could use power for good on way out

Jan 29, 2014 3:40pm
The clock is ticking for the immensely-talented Pat Mulroy, which means that, in a few days, we...

City’s dance with arena developer troubling

Jan 22, 2014 10:09am
Whenever I see a headline or an article that mentions the word “arena,” my thoughts drift...

Incident not going away for school district

Jan 16, 2014 10:14am
Imagine how you’d feel if your kid went to a party and got completely shit-faced while in...

Water czar’s impact will live on for generations

Updated: Jan 15, 2014 10:40am
It is the year 2113 and the robotic head of Pat Mulroy has just finished presiding over a...

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George Knapp

George Knapp: Joe Delaney’s secret box

Feb 27, 2013 5:34pm
If you are a relative newcomer to Las Vegas, or a youngster, chances are you won’t recognize Joe Delaney’s name. But for many years he was a giant in the local entertainment and journalism...
<p>George Knapp</p>

George Knapp: Mob Museum critics, go whack yourselves

Feb 20, 2013 6:47pm
Had the city of Las Vegas chosen to hand out millions of dollars to, say, a pharmaceutical company or a gold mining conglomerate, an agri-biz giant or a filthy-rich dotcom gazillionaire, I doubt we...
<p>George Knapp</p>

George Knapp: Judge Vega says she’s sorry

Feb 13, 2013 7:07pm
It might not sound like a public reprimand is much of a penalty for District Judge Valerie Vega in light of the “clear and convincing evidence” that she repeatedly violated judicial canons, but it is...
<p>George Knapp</p>

Steven Brooks is ready for his close-up

Updated: Feb 07, 2013 11:59am
Assemblyman Steve Brooks, this one’s for you. Or, to be more specific, this one’s for your now-bulging scrapbook of news clippings and media mentions.In truth, I’m only guessing about the scrapbook...

George Knapp: Sen. Roberson versus the water monster

Jan 30, 2013 5:41pm
I’m starting to like this guy, Mike Roberson. He’s a Republican, but not one of those froth-at-the-mouth, sloganeering Republicans, the kind who get their philosophy from bumper stickers or Sarah...
<p>George Knapp</p>

Hard to swallow

Updated: Jan 24, 2013 3:45pm
It isn’t likely you will read about this story in your daily paper or hear much about it during any network newscast. It isn’t flashy enough to warrant a mention on any of the 973 or so nightly...
<p>George Knapp</p>

George Knapp: Score one for the cabbies

Jan 16, 2013 4:31pm
It isn’t too often that Las Vegas taxi drivers win one. Most of the time, when cabbies are mentioned in news stories, it’s because some of them did something wrong, such as diverting passengers away...
<p>George Knapp</p>

The case for Steve Sisolak for governor

Updated: Jan 16, 2013 3:41pm
Nevada Democrats must be tired of having their asses kicked in gubernatorial contests. By the time the 2014 election cycle is completed, 16 years will have passed since the Democrats had a sitting...
<p>George Knapp</p>

George Knapp: Time to draw a line

Updated: Jan 09, 2013 3:50pm
The fact that more than 20,000 people spent at least part of their New Year’s Eve weekend attending a Las Vegas gun show is not comforting.To begin with, I am not the prototypical media liberal who...

George Knapp: Hero of the desert

Dec 26, 2012 6:17pm
In the dank, dark, hole-in-the-wall watering holes where environmental dudes gather to weave their schemes for world domination, the stories are passed from person to person, generation to generation...