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George Knapp: Miscellaneous tidbits


The commie pinkos in Washington have prevailed again. The latest outrage approved by Bolsheviks in both parties will essentially reach into the pocket of every American and spend piles of what was once your money on a project that will benefit only a certain few. It’s a textbook definition of socialism, right? And those congressional commissars who went along with it have moved us all one step closer to the gulag.

I’m speaking, of course, about the vote in Congress to finally build Interstate 11, a long-sought multilane highway to run between Las Vegas and Phoenix. Sen. Harry Reid has long championed the project because projections show a smooth chunk of highway between those two major cities would benefit commerce in both places and create a large number of jobs. It will be years before I-11 is actually built, and specific dollar amounts have not been allocated, but it will happen and should be a serious shot in the economic arm for the Nevada and Arizona.

Holy moly, though, isn’t it a bad thing to tax Americans, make everyone pay a little piece, and then pool all that money to build a project that only benefits part of the country? My gosh, it would be like asking all homeowners to pay property taxes to fund education even though not everyone has school-age children.

All the cool kids are bashing government these days. It’s hip to hate the public sector and to get googly-eyed at anything that oozes out of the private sector, no matter how self-serving or smarmy or hurtful it might be to American workers. I wonder how long we would wait for Interstate 11 to be built if it were up to the private sector to get it done?

No matter how much it hurts to admit, we need government. Only government could create the interstate highway system. And yeah, we all paid a piece of it, just as our tax dollars pay for the Defense Department and inspectors who make sure our food and medicine is safe to consume, and loan programs that help students attend college. That’s how it works—we all pitch in a little bit to pay for the things that have paved the way for the private sector and individuals to prosper.

We often hear the now-trite statement from those running for office that government should operate more like a business. I’d like to see business operate more like government once in awhile by initiating big projects that benefit all of us, not just some company’s bottom line. Let’s all hold our breath waiting for that to happen.



Gotta love the wishful statements that came out of Reid’s office last week, calling for Republicans to put the health-care debate behind them, and imploring them to start working on programs to create jobs instead. The GOP thinks it has a winner with ObamaCare and will continue to pound away at the issue until we are all sick of hearing about it. Reid, of all people, must know that his colleagues in Congress will never drop this issue. Heck, some of them still seem to be fighting the Civil War. … So now we know why multimillionaire boxer Floyd Mayweather is so upset about the food he’s been forced to eat since being thrown in the pokey a few weeks ago. An R-J story detailed some of the culinary delights Pretty Boy has been forced to endure during his incarceration. In a local courtroom several days ago, lawyers for Mayweather argued that the boxer’s life was in danger because jail food is so unappealing. They argued it is simply inhumane to force a man with a palate as sophisticated as Floyd’s to endure torture. I have to admit, baloney for breakfast doesn’t sound too yummy, nor do several dishes that sound suspiciously like mixed-up leftovers (Mexican stroganoff, American goulash.) I realize I’m a bit late in weighing in on this story, but I am hereby declaring Justice of the Peace Melissa Saragosa to be the “Judge of the Year” for her handling of Mayweather’s ridiculous attempts to get sprung. Saragosa made short work of Mayweather’s sob story and denied his request to serve out the rest of his sentence at one of his sprawling mansions. If Pretty Boy Floyd doesn’t like jail, all he has to do is stop beating up women. … If you’ve wondered what happened to longtime TV reporter Steve Crupi, who for years delivered solid, no-nonsense news reports for KVBC (now KSNV) Channel 3, I ran into him the other day. Crupi works in the public information office at Metro. He says he loves the work, that there is never a slow day. Metro is lucky to get him. … So what’s this I hear about Kirstin Lobato passing a polygraph test? Wonder if that will make any difference in the disposition of her court case? (Also, see Page 7). … A crew from Discovery Channel was in town a few days ago to record segments for its I Married a Mobster series. Their focus was on Wendy Mazaros, better known as Wendy Hanley, who lived with a notorious father-son hitman team back in the ’70s. For a period back then, it appeared the father-son team was grooming Wendy to become a female assassin, a story told in a recent book, Vegas Rag Doll, co-written by Sun reporter Joe Schoenmann. As part of the TV production, Wendy’s current husband, Carl Mazaros, made something that resembled one of the car bombs once used by Tom and Gramby Hanley, the father-son team. But the fake bomb looked so real that it attracted the attention of FBI agents, at least one of whom was on hand for the production shoots last week. …



You might recall that Knappster made a bold prediction two years ago that some big news was coming regarding that shy but mysterious forest-dweller known as Bigfoot. We are still waiting for the announcement that I expected back then. In the ensuing years, though, the word has sort of filtered out within online Bigfoot circles that dramatic results are expected when DNA testing of suspected Sasquatch hair samples is unveiled. I can’t tell you what the results will be. I can’t even tell you why I can’t tell you. But I can say that the results of a very intensive, very professional study will be a game-changer, an absolute stunner. And even the Bigfoot enthusiasts who think they know what the results might be are going to have the wind knocked out of them. It’s getting closer.

GEORGE KNAPP is a Peabody Award-winning investigative reporter for KLAS Channel 8. Reach him at