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What we said goodbye to in 2012

<p>Ron Kirk</p>

Ron Kirk

<p>Bill Raggio</p>

Bill Raggio

Beloved local musician and promoter Tommy Marth

“I’m Mitt Romney and I approve this message”

Bill Raggio

… the long-serving Northern Nevada legislator whom history will regard as one of the state’s most powerful political figures.

Viva Elvis

Does anyone even remember what that was about?

Nevada Cancer Institute

… and the idea that Las Vegas could sustain a top-tier medical center

Gaping holes in our public history, as the opening of the Mob Museum and the Neon Museum — as well as the Area 51 exhibit at the Atomic Testing Museum — finally made key aspects of the Las Vegas story available to all

Our hope, however ill-founded, that the show Vegas wouldn’t totally be a wildly sensationalized, historically laughable trifle

Robert Forbuss

… teacher, School Board member, high-profile businessman, philanthropist, Democratic activist, friend of the gay and lesbian community

Our stubborn belief, however baseless, that the community would unite to provide upgraded, technologically enhanced schools for our kids. Instead, we decisively voted down a school bond on Nov. 6, thus preserving something we hold even more dear: the right to gripe about the deplorable state of our school system. Yay, Las Vegas!

CityLife’s crappy old website!

Now buried in a shallow Internet grave

Henderson resident John Fairfax

… revealed by an eloquent New York Times obit to be an adventurer and real-life most interesting man in the world

“This advertisement paid for by Crossroads GPS”

Two branches of the Henderson Library District

… and with them the idea that we value books and aren’t too goddamn cheap to spend a few pennies supporting a communal commitment to knowledge

Our hope, however ill-founded, that 2012 would bring clarity to the city’s chaotic housing situation

Nancy Quon

… the troubled lawyer at the center of a massive HOA construction-fraud investigation

Baja California restaurant, proving the property at 1050 S. Rampart really is cursed

Nasser Daneshvary

… the popular head of the Lied Institute for Real Estate Studies, the go-to expert for journalists trying to explain the topsy-turvy

Dallas Augustine

… the troubled daughter of murdered Nevada politician Kathy Augustine, and a figure of some controversy herself, died in Phoenix this August in an apparent murder-suicide.

Famously escaped chimps Buddy and C.J.

… the former because he was shot by police after escaping his enclosure, the latter to a chimp sanctuary in Oregon

Motel 6 downtown

… to make way for the Downtown Project’s container park

Our stubborn belief, however baseless, in the state GOP as a technocratically competent organization that could pull off a mistake-free caucus

Rain Nightclub

The Lunchbox

… and its gourmet hot dogs and too-good-to-be-true ice cream wafflewiches

Ron Kirk

… a vibrant and active outdoorsman who, when he went missing in Red Rock early this year, was the subject of a remarkable and persistent search effort by friends and fellow outdoors enthusiasts

Shelley Berkley’s career in Congress

Our stubborn belief, however baseless, in the ancient mythology of Nevada as a vanguard force in turning socially debatable activities — gambling, prostitution, divorce — into legal, taxypaying industries. Now we leave it to other states to legalize gay marriage and marijuana use.

Kathleen Vermillion as a public figure

We hope!

The idea that a stadium cluster — not just a stadium, but a cluster of facilities! — proposed by a developer with a history of unsuccessful sports proposals, to which no professional team had committed, and backed by supposedly guaranteed Chinese money, would actually pan out.

Good call, Henderson officials!