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What’s your favorite memory of the old Wet ’n Wild?

When I was a kid, my friends and I went to Circus Circus and sat underneath the pay phones with our hats out, singing the Circus Circus blues for spare change. After, we walked the Strip and panhandled until we had enough money for us to get into Wet ’n’ Wild. We had a great time! JEREMY KINSEY

When I got the guts to down [Der Stuka], I accidentally sat up (scary as hell!) then my top flew off when I hit the water! @TROUBLE_N_VEGAS

I was 13, sharing a lounge chair on the right side of the Surf Lagoon with my junior high boyfriend. We started making out, and apparently our tonsil hockey was a bit too much because one of the lifeguards came over and told us, “Knock it off, this is a family park!” KERRY MCCOMBS

The kiddie area was the best place to skate when the park was closed in the winter. HEKTOR D. ESPARZA

Mine involves a four-hour boner and the last time I brought a girlfriend. TJ FOGARTY

Caesars would throw their company party [there] and we’d always take a kid from my neighborhood with us. One year we took an older kid, and he bailed on me in line to go hang with some friends, so when I got to the front of the line to go on a two-person raft, they partnered me up with a pretty girl. I was 10, and it might have been the suavest move I’ve ever pulled off in my life. AZIZ BAWANY