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Exotic dancer "Heaven" performs a lap dance for a customer at Cheetahs Adult Cabaret in Las Vegas, Tuesday, July 30, 2003. The Clark County Commission is considering a vote on a code of conduct that would effect what form of contact is allowed during a lap dance. (Craig L. Moran/Las Vegas Review-Journal)
<p>Exotic dancer "Heaven" performs a lap dance for a customer at Cheetahs Adult Cabaret in Las Vegas, Tuesday, July 30, 2003. The State Supreme Court upheld a local lap-dance ordinance restricting dancers and patrons touching in 2006.</p>

Nov. 1, 1955: Supreme Court Chief Justice Earl Warren’s daughter, Nina “Honey Bear” Warren, 22, surprises her father by eloping to Las Vegas to marry 33-year-old Dr. Stuart Brien of Beverly Hills.

Nov. 2, 1982: Local Republican U.S. Senate candidate Chic Hecht, “in perhaps the most stunning upset in the nation,” beats longtime Nevada Democrat Sen. Howard Cannon, by fewer than 6,000 votes.

Nov. 3, 1960: Less than a week before the presidential election, Vegas bookmakers list Sen. John F. Kennedy an 8-5 favorite over Republican candidate Richard Nixon.

Nov. 4, 1982: Gaming industry officials are “infuriated” after local FBI chief Joe Yablonsky compares “legalized gambling with legalized prostitution.”

Nov. 5, 1955: Suspected ice cream parlor burglar Alden Kelley, 34, admits to shooting and killing police officer Wilber McGee, 33.

Nov. 6, 1939: The Green Shack nightclub on Boulder Highway is holding a month-long series of events to celebrate its seventh anniversary.

Nov. 7, 1918: With more than 125 reported cases of the influenza epidemic in our city, including twelve deaths this week, there is “difficulty getting sufficient caskets for the dead,” as C.B. Faust, the town’s undertaker, is also bedridden with the flu.

Nov. 8, 1958: Handyman Jack Rainsberger, 23, has confessed to recently killing Erline Folker, 23, by slashing her throat in a “human sacrifice ritual,” but he has not fessed up to this week’s brutal slaying of 84-year-old grandmother Zephyr Gubser.

Nov. 9, 2006: The Nevada Supreme Court upholds a local lap-dance ordinance “that prohibits exotic dancers from fondling patrons with the intent to sexually arouse, including rubbing breasts against patrons’ faces and grinding buttocks into patrons’ groins.”

Nov. 10, 1955: To Hell and Back, the true-life story of war hero Audie Murphy, starring Audie Murphy, is playing at the Fremont Theater.

Nov. 11, 1939: Armistice Day is celebrated with a parade down Fremont St. to the courthouse for a dedication ceremony, conducted by Dr. J.D. Smith, for the new flagpole.

Nov. 12, 1927: Although Vegas has had few traffic accidents, stop signs are being put near some intersections to “protect against carelessness.”

Nov. 13, 1915: An ad for Dr. and Mrs. Dr. Chamley & Co. in the Las Vegas Age promises to cure a person in their home of “any cancer or tumor before it poisons deep glands or attaches to bone.”

Nov. 14, 1934: Concrete inspector Kenneth Rankin, 33, is the first person killed working at Boulder Dam, when he is “crushed by a bucket carrying eight cubic yards of liquid concrete.”

Nov. 15, 1955: Letcher Niel, 45, leader of the religious group “God’s Little Candles,” is charged with contributing to the delinquency of minors for having his own kids solicit money and clothing (later sold at rummage sales) from area residents.

Nov. 16, 1992: Funeral services are held for popular former UNLV cheerleader Valerie Pida, 25, who recently died following a 12-year battle with Hodgkin’s disease.

Nov. 17, 2004: Following District Court Judge Roger Hunt’s ruling against Liberty High School’s nebulous dress code policy, junior Kim Jacobs is back in school after being suspended in September for failure to follow Liberty’s “khaki code.”

Nov. 18, 1973: The headline in today’s RJ reads: “I’M NOT A CROOK,” NIXON DECLARES.

Nov. 19, 2004: The ACLU criticizes the school board’s attempt to rewrite district rules in order to keep its mandatory khaki uniform policies at 27 schools.

Nov. 20, 1973: Jack Benny and Pearl Bailey are appearing at the Tropicana Hotel.

Nov. 21, 189,998,000 B.C.E.: Dinosaurs the size of Doberman Pinschers walk through the wet sands of the Vegas Valley on talon-tipped toes.

Nov. 22, 1992: Commenting on the increase of teenage thrill-killing in Vegas, prosecutor Dan Seaton says, “In my 22 years as a prosecutor, the biggest change in violent crime is that more young people are using violence to make themselves happy.”

Nov. 23, 1934: At Ward’s Cash Stores, hamburger is 10 cents a pound; Ben Hur Soap, 28 cents for 10 bars.

Nov. 24, 1920: “The greatest Airplane Meet ever held in southern Nevada” is occurring on today’s Thanksgiving Day, featuring “Poison,” the smallest plane in the world.

Nov. 25, 2011: The RJ reports on about 30 Occupy Las Vegas protesters yelling at holiday shoppers at the Meadows Mall: “It’s time to change the planet! It’s time to change the planet!”

Nov. 26, 1930: Some Nevada officials are proposing a bill to the Legislature for a $5 per day minimum for work on Boulder Dam and that “aliens” be prohibited from employment on the project.

Nov. 27, 1930: Police are “rounding up” at least forty “undesirables” per day, as people out of work across the nation flock to town.

Nov. 28, 1958: John “Bunny” Breckenridge, an actor in the soon-to-be-released film Plan 9 From Outer Space, has been arrested in California after allegedly having an orgy in Vegas with two boys, ages 11 and 13.

Nov. 29, 1973: Area resident Haakon Hanson, 40, reports seeing a UFO over VoTech High School.

Nov. 30, 1934: The newspaper reports Tarzan author Edgar Rice Burroughs spoke this past week to the Las Vegas Rotary club.

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