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Manic Depression
Manic Depression

Sept. 1, 1949: Chairman Harry Miller of the Las Vegas Water District has predicted the population of Vegas will grow to 82,000 by 1970, and water consumption could double.

Sept. 2, 1993: After a fire destroys much of Bob Stupak’s Vegas World Stratosphere Tower, which is under construction, he vows to finish the project in 1994, which, at 1,012 feet, will rank as the ninth-tallest building in the world.

Sept. 3, 1931: At the El Portal Theater, Joan Crawford is starring in The Modern Age.

Sept. 4, 1933: After Coroner Frank Ryan rules that Marie Lambertson, 72, recently died in a head-on collision on Boulder Highway because the road lacks a white dividing line, he recommends one be painted down the middle of the road.

Sept. 5, 1993: Reports reveal that tuberculosis cases in Clark County have more than doubled from 27 to 63, between 1989 and 1992.

Sept. 6, 1949: The newspaper reports 15-year-old Rollin Newman has been stricken with polio, the 10th victim in Clark County since January 1.

Sept. 7, 1931: Five thousand doughnuts are passed out to bystanders from a local bakery’s float in today’s Labor Day parade.

Sept. 8, 1978: About 300 of 416 employees from seven local Denny’s restaurants have voted to oust their union, Culinary Local 226.

Sept. 9, 1943: The newspaper’s comic strips include: Boots and Her Buddies, Red Ryder, Joe Palooka and Superman.

Sept. 10, 1993: Cabdriver Joseph Carara, 43, becomes the 12th cabdriver killed on the job in Vegas in 25 years when he is shot after picking up a fare near The Mirage.

Sept. 11, 1972: Vice President Spiro Agnew is in town to speak to a convention of the Bricklayers, Masons and Plasterers Union at Caesar’s Palace.

Sept. 12, 1972: In its second year, the Clark County Community College, located at 737 N. Main St., has an enrollment of 1,766 students.

Sept. 13, 1977: Nevada’s population is estimated to be 633,000.

Sept. 14, 2010: In its 39th year, and with three local campuses, the College of Southern Nevada (CSN), formerly Clark County Community College, has reported that 43,686 students have signed up for fall classes.

Sept. 15, 2003: After three recent killings within a 24-hour period near UNLV’s campus, officials emphasize that the university “is located in a high crime area.”

Sept. 16, 1969: Skylark High Protein Diet Bread, with L-Lysine, is 29 cents a loaf at Safeway.

Sept. 17, 1996: Former Vice President Spiro Agnew, 77, who once visited Vegas to speak to bricklayers, masons and plasterers, dies from leukemia in his home state of Maryland.

Sept. 18, 1996: Running against President Bill Clinton, Republican presidential candidate Robert Dole arrives in Vegas to campaign for Nevada’s “four big electoral votes.”

Sept. 19, 1955: The Marx Brothers are appearing at the Riviera Hotel’s showroom nightly.

Sept. 20, 1975: On an experimental basis, the Taxicab Authority has okayed the installation of “damage-proof, fireproof and robber-proof cameras” in three cabs for 30 days to see if they work as crime deterrents.

Sept. 21, 1949: To help eliminate the smog problem caused by burning garbage, the Nevada Sanitation Co. proposes establishing a dump far away, near Sunrise Mountain, to relieve the town “of the pungent fumes from the present dump.”

Sept. 22, 1931: Four new teachers have been hired for the upcoming year to help with the crowded conditions in our growing school district.

Sept. 23, 2010: In a special survey, the Review-Journal reports Republican and “Tea Party darling” Sharron Angle is in a dead heat with U.S. Sen. Harry Reid for his Senate seat, with Angle holding a whopping lead over Reid among nonpartisan voters.

Sept. 24, 1952: During the worst polio epidemic in the nation’s history, the cases in Nevada, this year, are approaching 100.

Sept. 25, 2010: Saying “divorce was profitable for Elaine Wynn,” the RJ reports that she has landed on the Forbes 400 List of Wealthiest Americans following her recent marital split, coming in at 382nd place, while her former husband, Wynn Resorts Ltd. Chairman Steve Wynn, has landed at the 205th spot.

Sept. 26, 1914: A visitor “from the north” to the Las Vegas Hotel, Mrs. Hattie Garren, suffering from hallucinations that spirits are following her to kill her, is taken into custody by Sheriff Sam Gay, who will turn her over to the “lunacy commission” for an examination.

Sept. 27, 1952: A comedy skit and souvenir shovels highlight the ground-breaking festivities for the new $250,000 LDS church in the Huntridge area of town, near South Eighth St. and Franklin Ave.

Sept. 28, 1963: Dressed in a blue suit, President John Kennedy delivers an “ad-lib 10 minute speech on land conservation” at the Las Vegas Convention Center to 7,500 people.

Sept. 29, 1963: Ella Fitzgerald is performing at the Flamingo Hotel, Harry Belafonte at the Riviera and Eddie Fisher at the Desert Inn.

Sept. 30, 1963: A 94-year-old man tells motorcycle officer Larry Baker, “I thought maybe something was wrong when I noticed cars veering out of the way,” after Baker pulls him over for driving down the wrong side of Boulder Highway.

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