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<p>There&amp;#8217;s nothing creepy at all about mimes, especially not at the brand new Downtown Container Park!</p>
<p>The Container Park has a very impressive centerpiece playground.</p>
<p>Lollipops! At the Container Park!</p>

The Downtown Container Park had its soft opening this week, but there wasn’t much “soft” about it as people crowded the shops and restaurants, listened to guest musicians and interacted with robots and artfully costumed performers.

The official opening is Dec. 5, but many didn’t bother waiting for the official opening. They have been waiting for a year for a peek at the park, which has a central area for young people, a grassy lawn and a large stage for music.

Among the retail spots open this week were Pinches Tacos, a rental operation for three-wheeled urban people movers, a barbecue restaurant, a couple of clothes stores and a couple of bars.

The project is an effort of and by entrepreneur Tony Hsieh’s Downtown Project. According to the DTP’s website, the biggest obstable to new businesses in downtown Las Vegas may be that “there’s just no place for their businesses to go.”

“Until new buildings are completed, which can be a long process, we need spaces to make magic happen faster,” DTP says. “To do that, we’re employing what has been described as flexible urbanism. We’re tranforming an underused, high value urban area by installing repurposed shipping containers and Xtreme Cubes, which are manufactured locally, to house small businesses such as cafes, boutiques, bars, galleries, and more. These plans will incorporate community space, outdoor seating, and (a) children’s play area to activate the center of our neighborhood.”