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Pride night parade pre-show: Kathy Griffin, Joan Rivers, Margaret Cho

<p>Margaret Cho</p>

Margaret Cho

For years, the LGBT community has wondered when Las Vegas Pride officials would book in-demand entertainers (read: not American Idol runners-up or the usual circuit party hosts) for its events. This year, either the stars aligned or someone flexed some muscle, because three famous comedians with massive gay followings will kick off Las Vegas’ Pride parade, one of the only nighttime marches in the country.

Can you imagine Kathy Griffin, Joan Rivers and Margaret Cho on the same stage, savaging celebrities and Republicans, flinging dick and pussy jokes like they were rainbow bead necklaces, and calling out parade revelers with fabulous (or, more likely, not-so-fabulous) parade attire? Well, we don’t know how much commentary or stand-up they’ll offer, but they’ll be there — along with local entertainers — for the parade pre-party, a super-summit of diva delirium right smack in the middle of downtown Las Vegas. Count us in.

If that’s not enough hilarity for you, all three women are performing separately on the Strip this weekend (see our Pride calendar for details). 7 p.m.; Main Stage at 4th Street and Bridger Avenue. MIKE PREVATT