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Our tech, ourselves: In which CL staffers inventory their personal tech

<p>Scott&amp;#8217;s tech</p>

Scott&#8217;s tech

<p>Mike&amp;#8217;s tech</p>

Mike&#8217;s tech

<p>Kristy&amp;#8217;s tech</p>

Kristy&#8217;s tech

<p>Launce&amp;#8217;s tech</p>

Launce&#8217;s tech



Pictured: MacBook, Samsung Chromebook, Kindle Fire HD, Android smartphone, Sony Cyber-shot camera; little googly-eyed spirit guide (not pictured, basic Kindle)

There’s not one of these devices that isn’t smarter than I am, which may be why I rely on them so much. I use the Kindle Fire mostly for books but also to hide my one embarrassing TV addiction; and, sure, a second Kindle isn’t strictly necessary, but I keep the basic model (when I can find it) in case I go to the beach and don’t want to risk the Fire. The Chromebook is great — light as a hummingbird and I love the keyboard’s feel — but it’s cloud-based, so if I don’t have wi-fi access, it’s a weightless paperweight. I have a scary amount of one-of-a-kind personal files on the aging Mac: I’m a fritzed hard drive away from almost ceasing to exist. I hear you can make calls on a smart phone, and I use it to record interviews (see Page 16) — but it’s best and highest use is for Facetweeting shots of my wife making inadvertantly goofy faces.

What would I add to my stack? A tablet with a stylus, so I can doodle straight to the web.


A&E Editor

Pictured: MacBook Pro laptop, iPhone 4S, iPad 3, iPod (5th generation), Olympus digital voice recorder, Canon PowerShot SD780

As you can tell, I’m an Apple slut. It makes superior products, and I’ve owned no greater piece of machinery than that MacBook Pro, now six years ancient, on its second hard drive and officially obsolete. I’m also still partial to that equally antiquated iPod, a hard-earned work bonus onto which I’ve downloaded all my review albums and used for countless treadmill runs — though lately, I’ve been using my new, first-ever iPhone in the gym to minimize the digital contraband in my pockets. The Olympus recorder is also aging; I used it to interview Jay-Z when he opened his club here, remember that? The Canon barely gets out anymore; I tend to take concert snaps with the iPhone, so they hit your social networks quicker. And the iPad is the best mechanism for scrolling Twitter, reading longform pieces, scavenging for news — and backing me up when my beloved MacBook drops dead.


News Editor

Pictured: MacBook Pro laptop, iPhone 4S, Olympus digital recorder, Olympus telephone pickup, Canon PowerShot SD1400

What can I say about the technology I own? It’s not much. My life is a constant tug-of-war between “want” and “want to get rid of.” I simultanously covet Marc Jacobs bags and a minimalist life. And since “less” is cheaper than “more,” I tend to lean toward the former. Of the items in this stack, my phone is most important. I do everything on it. I make calls and send texts, check maps and social media, listen to radio and MP3s, snap photos, pay bills, shop and google shit I don’t want showing up on my browser history … we’re thisclose, me and this tiny computer. If I could add anything, it’d be a Kindle Paperwhite and an upgrade to iPhone 5.

P.S. It’s weird, so I’m sure you’re wondering about the phone pickup. I use it to record phone interviews; it captures my voice and what I’m hearing through the receiver, so I can quote my sources verbatim.

P.P.S. Scott’s embarrassing TV addiction is Hannah Montana. Shhhhh.


Staff Writer

Pictured: HP desktop, Sanyo laptop, Western Digital external hard drive, Palm Pixie cell phone, notebook from the 99 Cent Only store, Internet connector from T-Mobile

The desktop and external hard drive I use mostly for music, as it is wired into my stereo system. The cell phone is pretty much self-explanatory, but Dr. Exposition complains that T-Mobile has done something very, very evil to their cell phone tower that used to serve my Huntridge-area neighborhood, and now reception sucks. However, he would also note that the Palm operating system is still the best one out there.

I still rely on paper and felt-tip markers to take notes and make sense of the world. What would I add? I’d like to upgrade to a digital recorder and a new Chromebook.