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<p>Singer Bruno Mars was charged Oct. 2, 2010, with felony possession of cocaine.</p>

Singer Bruno Mars was charged Oct. 2, 2010, with felony possession of cocaine.

Oct. 1, 1959: Blaming “lack of religious training” on their behavior, Judge A.S. Henderson scolds 53 Rancho High School students for “smirking” at him after he lectures them about their “unlawful assembly for a fight that never materialized.”

Oct. 2, 2010: Pop star Bruno Mars has been charged with felony possession of 2.6 grams of cocaine.

Oct. 3, 1984: Former local defense attorney and U.S. District Court Judge Harry Claiborne is sentenced to two years in prison for tax evasion, “the first federal judge in U.S. history convicted for a crime while on the bench.”

Oct. 4, 1945: At the Market Spot Grocery 10 pounds of oranges are 41 cents.

Oct. 5, 1918: Schools and all other public places are shut down as 80 cases of the Spanish influenza epidemic hit Las Vegas.

Oct. 6, 1928: Calling for a curfew on kids, a Las Vegas Age editorial blames parents for the “50 boys of 12 and under” roaming our streets after 11 p.m.

Oct. 7, 1984: Announcing his candidacy for U.S. president, local entertainer Blinko the Clown says: “If politicians can act like clowns, then clowns can act like politicians.”

Oct. 8, 1914: Dr. Anna Howard Shaw, president of the National American Woman Suffrage Association, is speaking in town tonight.

Oct. 9, 1930: After a recent crime wave hits as unemployed people flock to town seeking work on the upcoming Boulder Dam project, three men are added to the police force, bringing the number of local officers to eight.

Oct. 10, 1944: The Huntridge Theater has its grand opening with the films Hi, Neighbor starring Jean Parker, and Hellzapoppin’ with Martha Raye.

Oct. 11, 1917: Seventeen hundred “soldier boys” from Utah, heading to the war in France via Los Angeles, stopover here to give a parade before re-boarding their train.

 Oct. 12, 1960:  Oceans 11 with Frank Sinatra is playing at the Huntridge Theater.

Oct. 13, 1952: Senator Joseph McCarthy, calling local publisher Hank Greenspun “a pamphleteer of the communist party” during a political rally at the War Memorial Building in Las Vegas, says that this community “should choose between McCarthyism and Greenspunism.”

Oct. 14, 1969: Of 2,381 teachers in our school district, 182, roughly 7 percent, are minority race teachers, 25 of whom have been reassigned under federal guidelines to the valley’s traditionally white schools.

Oct. 15, 1991: Vegas entertainer, comedian and TV star Redd Foxx is buried in Vegas following his death in Los Angeles from a heart attack.

Oct. 16, 1944: Voter registration records have been shattered after 15,496 area residents qualify to vote in November— 11,602 Democrats, 3,185 Republicans and 709 Nonpartisans.

Oct. 17, 1960: Two lawsuits have been filed against the city of Las Vegas by families of the two men “who were shot to death two years ago when a rookie policeman went berserk.”

Oct. 18, 1974: Accused murderer Albert Scott, 21, tells a judge that he can’t afford an attorney and would prefer renowned defense attorney Harry Claiborne defend him rather than a public defender who would “make me plead guilty to things I didn’t do.”

Oct. 19, 1974: Nickel slot machines and 21 tables prove the most lucrative gambling attractions in Nevada this year as $907 million in gross gaming revenues show a 19 percent increase over last year.

Oct. 20, 1952: In a speech before the local chapter of the American Association of University Women, publisher Hank Greenspun reportedly boasts: “I can run any woman in Las Vegas out of town by just starting rumors about her.”

Oct. 21, 1916: Since no woman in Clark County has ever been “honored with election to a public office,” the newspaper suggests Mrs. Jane Burns, a Republican, might be a good choice for the office of Auditor and Recorder.

Oct. 22, 1960: Sketches for a Vegas Community Bomb Shelter, scheduled to be built next month on the corner of Fourth and Mesquite Streets, have been released to the media.

 Oct. 23, 1969:  Easy Rider, directed by Dennis Hopper, is at the Huntridge Theater.

Oct. 24, 1946: In the news: A dollar today buys what 69 cents did in 1941.

Sources: Las Vegas Age; Las Vegas Morning Tribune; Review-Journal; Sun. The last week of the month will run in the Oct. 24 issue.