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is the number of attendees claimed by the organizers of Life Is Beautiful, the two-day music, art and food festival held downtown during the weekend.

$1 million

is spent annually by the Bureau of Reclamation to keep the quagga mussels, an invasive species, from clogging intake pipes at Hoover Dam.

48 percent

is the graduation rate for black students statewide and in Clark County, six percentage points worse than Hispanics.

$67 million

is the current budget for Clark County/Las Vegas Library District.

18 years

is how long before the 63-year-old Dr. Dipak Desai is eligible for parole as part of his life sentence for his criminal convictions in a deadly hepatitis C outbreak in Clark County.

3.47 million

passengers arrived and departed McCarran International Airport in September, an increase of 1.2 percent from the same month last year.


Fresh & Easy stores are currently in operation in the Las Vegas area while its parent company is in bankruptcy.

$2 million

annually is how much North Las Vegas is estimating it will cost to maintain the newly opened Craig Ranch Regional Park.

20 years

is the maximum sentence 47-year-old local massage therapist Dwayne Thurmond received for photographing his clients genitals during their massages. He must register as a sex offender upon release.

100 mph

and more was the recorded wind gusts that hit the valley Sunday and Monday, which led to power outages and wind damage.


is the number of pay-per-view events the Ultimate Fighting Championship plans to offer in 2014.

50 percent

excess credit fee is how much Nevada college students who have accumulated excess credits but haven’t graduated will have to pay beginning next fall. It will impact students who have accumulated credits equal to 150 percent required for their program.