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Gift guide: Locally made gifts for local people

Trophy statue by Miguel Rodriguez
Trophy statue by Miguel Rodriguez
Goblins Drool, Fairies Rule card game
Goblins Drool, Fairies Rule card game
"Eating Las Vegas" 2013 edition
"Eating Las Vegas" 2013 edition
Art by Mark MellonBuy Photo
Art by Mark Mellon
"Vegas Knockout" by P Moss
"Vegas Knockout" by P Moss

Red Rock Canyon annual pass

The new year is approaching and everyone you know will begin pseudo-pledging to get in shape. Let your friends and loved ones choose their own hamster-wheel warehouses and instead nudge them to exercise outdoors. Annual access to the Red Rock scenic loop is only $30 — comparable to about a month at the gym — and there are other perks. Does your health club have world-famous rock climbs? Hundreds of miles of hiking trails? Petroglyphs? Didn’t think so.

Call 515-5350 for info

Community Supported Agriculture

Someone on your gift-giving list likes fresh, organic fruits and vegetables but couldn’t grow them to save her life. Or maybe she could but lacks the time. Luckily there are a few Southern Nevada-based farms that offer seasonal produce — and they deliver. Choose a three-, six-, nine- or 12-month membership and either weekly or biweekly delivery. And give yourself and extra back pat because locally grown foods also benefit the environment. By reducing the distance foods are transported, pollution is also reduced. Harry & David are looking a little overrated right about now.

Try,, A three-month, biweekly subscrption starts at $120.

Vegas Knockout By P Moss

Yes, this is a CityLife Books joint. But we’d recommend this novel-in-stories no matter who published it. This is the perfect stocking-stuffer for the twisted hipster on your gift list — it’s a wild, riotous, screamingly profane and hilarious set of linked yarns set in Vegas during the run-up to a major prize fight. The city is electric with energy, and all sorts of people — the good, the bad and the dog-sexing — are drawn here. Whomever you give this to will spend Christmas afternoon reading its best parts aloud — as long as the kids are out of earshot., $15 print, $5 e-book

Romo robot

Scenario A: You have always wanted a personal robot, and now you can have one. Scenario B: You have never considered a personal robot, but now that you can have one, you want one. In both cases, you’re in luck. Romo, a tiny, iPhone-powered, Vegas-built robot is now accepting pre-orders for delivery in March. Romo is a zippy little dude on wheels who learns, can travel up to 3 feet per second, shares photos on Facebook, works as a docking station and even plays hide and seek. It’ll be worth the wait.

Pre-order at $149.

Goblins Drool, Faeries Rule!

This game, funded by Kickstarter donations and created by local developer Game-O-Gami, is a fantasy card game for 2-4 “kids of all ages.” The goal is to get rid of four goblin cards first, or to collect six faeries., $12

First Friday Winter Wonderland Holiday Bazaar

Enough with the gift cards and scented candles. The vendors of First Friday ought to give you plenty of inspiration to get creative — and local — with gift-giving this year. Consider a work of art for your boyfriend’s drab pad, tchotchkes for your collector aunt, maybe some far-out jewelry for your boho sister. Adding to the shopping experience will be sleigh rides, carolers and fake snow, in what should be a curious merging of both downtown and Norman Rockwell sensibilities.

Artwork by Mark Mellon

Whimsical, surreal, just plain fun to look at, Mellon’s work – mostly distorted, abstract beings who appear to be in a perpetual state of discovery – will add a warped grace note to anyone’s living room, work cube or bookshelf.

Eating Las Vegas 2013 by John Curtas, Max Jacobson and Al Mancini

The city’s three most visible food critics (Mancini writes for us) collaborate to discern the city’s 50 essential restaurants. (Eat it, Zagat!) And when these three famously squabbling critics agree, well, the place is probably worth a bite. Obviously useful for the out-of-towners you know, it’s a smart gift for locals, too: The updated version includes more off-Strip eateries., $12

Yoga and pilates

Your annoying family has finally left. You’ve kicked that browning tree to the curb and vacuumed every godforsaken pine needle from the carpet. How do you blow off that residual holiday stress? We recommend pilates and yoga at, appropriately enough, Pilates + Yoga studio. Buy for yourself or as presents gift certificates that you can redeem for some stretch and zen time. Discounted certificates include one for 10 pilates mat, barre and/or yoga sessions ($90), and one for 10 pilates reformer/apparatus classes ($170).

Pilates + Yoga, 500 E. Windmill Lane,

Jerry Misko prints

You could make the case that artist Jerry Misko’s celebration of identifiable local landmarks — and its enduring presence all over Las Vegas — builds civic pride in a city that could use more. And chances are, the homes and businesses of you and yours could use more of Misko’s iconic prints. He’s making that easy for you this month, with a sweet buy-one-get-one-free promotion.

Trifecta Gallery

They’ve got the gamut of affordable art gifts at Trifecta Gallery. A mini French bulldog trophy figurine by Miguel Rodriguez will win first place on the mantle. Dog collars complete with a milk bone-adorned necktie are the perfect fit for the fashion-forward Fido in your life. Durable wallets made of tyvec (the same tough, waterproof material used by the post office) come in a variety of creative prints, from ruled notebook paper to peanut butter and jelly. And Mary Beth Heisman’s silver rings bear the same patterns as the deco cinderblock walls of mid-century modern homes in downtown.

Trifecta Gallery, 107 E. Charleston Blvd., No. 135,

Jana’s RedRoom

Put art in their daily routine with fun and practical art items from Jana’s Redroom that fit in one’s pocket or purse. Taking excerpts from the bright and brushy canvases of local artists such as Alex Huerta, Geneva Marquez, Teresa Lucero, Jennifer Barreras, Bobby Wyscki — as well as herself — Jana Lynch prints the images onto clutches and zippered coin bags. Add in the original artist’s signature and voila! Your wallet is a work of art. Prices start at $10.

Jana’s RedRoom, 107 E. Charleston Blvd., #125,

Wet ’n’ Wild and Cowabunga Bay season passes

Your old school pool slide has nothing on the serpentine chutes slated for both Wet ’n’ Wild (in the southwest) and Cowabunga Bay (Henderson) waterparks, opening next summer. Save some dough on repeat cool-downs with season passes already on sale for both parks. A standard one for either runs $75 (with a $5 discount when you buy four or more), while Wet ’n’ Wild has a $95 Gold Pass that comes with perks and free parking.,