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Buildings and stories



What is so interesting about buildings, and why should we care?

Buildings tell the story of the history of our cities, of those people who occupy buildings, places and spaces, and how we work, play and live in them.

The lobby of the former La Concha motel is the new face of the Neon Museum and its boneyard, with stories written into the mix-and-match of these worn lights — it’s the welcome mat to a living neon gravesite.

Yet much of the story here is buried in the fascinating life of its architect, Paul Revere Williams (1894–1980), the most accomplished African American architect of his times, known as Hollywood’s architect to the stars and a master of the popular mid-century modern style.

If one building could have so many stories, how should we think about the architecture today and what it says about us and our city? What story will our current and upcoming building tell about us?

Amy Finchem is an architect and director of the Colab gallery in Art Square