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Brothel workers describe their first times

<p>Kitty Cat</p>

Kitty Cat




Sheri’s Ranch

Within my first year as a courtesan I had many great experiences, but none stick out like my first role-play.

Some time ago, a gentleman came in with a specific look in mind; he wanted Asian. None of our Asian ladies were here. Myself, I am a pale redhead, curvy, with great personality. The client headed to the door. I yelled out, “Where are you going? I can dye my hair black and slant my eyes!” This stopped him in his tracks.

The role-play was for us to get married, honeymoon and divorce in 2.5 hours. I dressed up in white lingerie and he put a cute but fake ring on my finger, and I do his. We eat a slice of cake and talk about his favorite memories of his life. We go straight to honeymooning. Sharing sensual pleasures and making sure we are both satisfied by taking our time. Our divorce was a pillow fight. We messed up my room with pillows everywhere, and filled my room with laughter. He proudly left my room leaving behind a generous tip and saying thanks for being part of his much needed role-play. This experience will be one we both will never forget.


Sheri’s Ranch

Of all the erotic experiences I’ve had (and I’ve had many), nothing compares to my first kiss. When my lips touched another’s for the first time, it felt like a million Pop Rocks exploding in my mouth. My heart was beating so fast I thought it was going to explode, I was getting light-headed, my knees were buckling — I didn’t know what was really going on, but it felt amazing. Thinking back on it today, it’s no coincidence that I make my living giving sensual pleasure to others. Perhaps in each encounter there’s a small part of me that’s searching to re-create the feeling of that first kiss.


Sheri’s Ranch

The first time I ever experienced another woman in a threesome: I was very nervous since I had never been with a woman other than an occasional kiss. We all undressed, I turned on the water to the bathtub in the bungalow. They walked in and invited me to join. The wet, sensual touch of her caressing my back instantly had me aroused. She leaned in and kissed my neck, I felt my temperature rise as I hugged her, felt her soft skin, and kissed her back. There’s something intriguing about being with a woman and knowing exactly what another woman wants sexually that had me wanting to explore this experience even further. We were in the bathtub long enough to let the water turn cold, so we all decided to finally make our way to the bed. After having our way with the gentleman until he was exhausted, he asked to see us play together some more. We gladly obliged. She had me lay down and lightly covered my eyes with a scarf, as she wanted to have her way with me. I didn’t know where her touch was coming from next; it was scary and exciting all at the same time. She took her time with me in all aspects of this experience, which made it that much more euphoric. She removed the scarf, looked at me with a very lustful look in her eyes and kissed me. It was so sensual, so soft like a rose petal, it was amazing. She knew exactly how fast and slow to move, knew exactly where to concentrate a little more time at, knew exactly what was going to curl my toes and just make my entire body tremble. She laid her body next to mine, slightly on top, and ran her fingers through my hair until my heart rate came back to normal. It was an orgasm and an experience I will forever remember.


Angel’s Ladies

The first time I went to work at the brothel, I was scared (Even at 43!) and I was put in a room next to a girl who was watching porn movies on her TV and had the volume turned up full blast all night long. During the night she came butt-naked out of her room wearing latex gloves and screaming at a man, also naked, accusing him of trying to give her STDs. I had two customers that evening and didn’t get any sleep that night; by morning I was thoroughly freaked out. At sunrise I packed up all of my things and left, telling them they could keep the money and no thanks! The owner called me at home the next day, apologizing for the drama and promising that it wasn’t like that all of the time, pleading with me to return. I did, and that summer was the best time in my life, except for now, which is also the best time of my life having returned after 10 years.

My very first customer was a nice-looking man in his early 40s who sat on the bed with me and tried to talk me out of working in a brothel. He said, “You shouldn’t be here, you are too smart and too pretty to be working in a brothel.” He did not party with me, yet he put $600 under my pillow on his way out of my room and told me to go home. That was a surprise!


Sheri’s Ranch

As I sit here pondering if I want to talk about my first kiss, first date, when I found that I have an oral fixation and like things deep in my throat, or my first time heading to a brothel, I seek counsel with my best friend Riley. Riley and I both started playing in a brothel at the age of 19. The plane trip was full of nervousness with the hope of excitement. Arriving, you’re wondering, will I make the cut? Are we hot enough? Are the girls crazy? Will they accept us since we are hot? Is it really legal? On the other hand, we were wondering if the customers themselves would accept us and show us a way we could speak to our bodies that made us feel like empowered sex goddesses. Riley’s first party at the brothel we started was with a baseball player. She went on an out-date where she entertained him at dinner and a local club. She says that’s when she realized that it wasn’t always about sex but companionship. My first date in the brothel was amazing. He was an older guy who wanted to please me as much as I pleased him. It was a very relaxed session that started in the jacuzzi, followed by mutual massage and my favorite hot and steamy on-top-of-the-sheets action. I have to say our most gratifying experiences are with people who get neglected due to the way they look, handicaps or plain old shy boys. We also wanted to share our first party together at Sheri’s. Someone came in requesting a submissive. At the time there wasn’t one in the house. Me being a dom, that wasn’t going to happen. But Riley was eager to test the uncharted waters. He and I hog-tied and molested her. She was a great sub, so comfortable she literally fell asleep while hog tied. It was very exciting and now we tag team on a daily basis. We have made some solid friendships amongst the ladies and patrons that we will cherish and nurture for the rest of our lives.