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April almanac: On these days in our city’s history …



April 1, 1950: Comedian Harpo Marx offers to buy Las Vegas and outlaw all spoken language, and every citizen will be required to play the harp.

April 2, 1933: The newspaper reports the “Colored Kiddies Review” at the El Portal Theatre demonstrates that “Las Vegas’ colored kids know their dance steps and harmony.”

April 3, 1956: While screaming and protesting loudly, local entertainment figure Polly Possum, in “her hillbilly costume and two dangling pigtails,” is put in jail for public drunkenness.

April 4, 1966: After an eight-month strike, Gov. Grant Sawyer, in his binding arbitration ruling, gives cab drivers a minimum daily wage hike, from $14 to $18.

April 5, 1956: About 1,000 students from Sunrise Acres Elementary School are evacuated from classrooms after an anonymous bomb threat.

April 6, 1907: Henry Gebhardt, 22, is buried “at the old cemetery” after his accidental death from suffocation in an empty oil railway car at the ice plant.

April 7, 1956: Police juvenile officer Annabelle Plunkett says two teenage girls, 13 and 14, have confessed to a series of bomb scares at local schools.

April 8, 2003: Mesquite Justice of the Peace Ron Dodd orders 16-year-old Monique Maestas to be tried as an adult for the murder of 3-year-old Kristyanna Cowan and the attempted murder of 10-year-old Brittney Bergeron.

April 9, 2003: A government witness in a Detroit trial has testified that terrorists there had also been planning to destroy the “City of Satan,” otherwise known as Las Vegas.

April 10, 1950: Randolph Scott in The Nevadan is playing at the Motor-Vu drive-in theater.

April 11, 1953: A surprise atomic detonation, the second in a week, is “set off near Las Vegas before sunrise,” part of the 10-bomb Upshot-Knothole Operation.

April 12, 1905: The first brick building, housing the Kuhn Mercantile Co., is erected in town.

April 13, 1923: President Harding’s secretary of agriculture, Henry C. Wallace, arrives in Las Vegas to visit the proposed Black Canyon dam site.

April 14, 1962: In a showdown in district court, local mobile ice cream vendors and state health officials agree to meet to amend a law that prevents vendors from selling ice cream on public property.

April 15, 2005: Although he had promised to stay on the job for 10 years, CCSD Superintendent Carlos Garcia resigns after only five years.

April 16, 1962: 132,000 Clark County residents take their second round of the Sabin polio vaccine in Operation VOP — Victory Over Polio.

April 17, 1992: Recent reports reveal that the incidence of child abuse and neglect in Nevada is up 23 percent from the previous year.

April 18, 1956: With two juveniles scheduled to stand trial this week for repeated bomb threats to local schools, two more schools, Crestwood Elementary and Ninth Street School, receive bomb threats today.

April 19, 1946: Due to the national grain shortage, there is about 40 percent less bread, and grain products, available in Vegas.

April 20, 1912: The newspaper reports on the opening of the new Majestic Theatre, “a revelation of beauty with a spirit of enthusiasm in the air.”

April 21, 1950: The $3.5 million Desert Inn Hotel and Casino opens.

April 22, 1992: Closure of the St. Vincent Shelter’s winter emergency program puts 600 homeless people back on the streets.

April 23, 1909: The Vegas Gun Club, “a live organization for a worthy purpose,” is formed.

April 24, 2009: Sen. John Ensign says a presidential run is “not something I would ever rule out.”

April 25, 1950: Police Chief Archie Wells fires four officers for “disloyalty and conduct unbecoming an officer,” for fomenting rising dissention in the department.

April 26, 1905: The newspaper reports on the recent visit to Las Vegas by Montana Sen. William Clark.

April 27, 2009: A federal judge rules that former NBA player Dennis Rodman must pay $225,000 for harassing a female beverage manager at the Hard Rock Hotel.

April 28, 1922: Harley Harmon announces his candidacy for district attorney.

April 29, 1973: Soylent Green, starring Charlton Heston, is playing at the Parkway Theater.

April 30, 2004: Approximately 100 members of the Mongols motorcycle gang show up at the county courthouse to support a fellow Mongol charged with killing two Hells Angels at the 2002 Laughlin River Run.

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