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2012 in the memory banks


P Moss

Bar owner, author

I think 2012 was a great year, and I don’t want to forget a minute of it.

J.K. Russ


The storm in spring that took the roof off our apartment, which was only covered by a tarpaulin by the time heavy rains hit the following weekend. We had to ask a friend for an emergency run to bring more buckets …

Henry Brean


Kevlar-reinforced book bags. Or people telling me about the messages they approve.

Heidi Swank


I keep trying to find something that I want to forget, but every time I think I find something, I realize that forgetting the unpleasant parts would mean that I would lose what I Iearned from them.

I would like to say Newtown, but that is more about wishing it never happened and never forgetting it did.


Branden Powers

Creative director at Hard Rock Hotel

I will never forget the day Tommy Marth died … nor will I ever forgive that selfish bastard for the way he left. He cheated me out of a lifetime of sarcasm. I miss him.

Ernest Hemmings

Theater director

2012 for me was like being cast in a German porno only to find out, after all the clothes came off, that it was a scat film. It was exciting at first, and I was very hopeful, but all I want now is to collect my money, get cleaned up and move the fuck on.

Jack Levine

Downtown realtor

It was literally the first week of January 2012 that we hit the “bottom” of the housing crash. The phone started ringing on New Year’s day. I had the same conversation during the next few weeks and months with hundreds of people, who all said essentially the same thing — “I’m ready now. I’ve been waiting for four years for the bottom and now it’s time.”

They all came out to play at the same time. They gobbled up the inventory, which didn’t get replaced. Now there’s a shortage of homes for sale compared to the number of buyers, and the prices are rising rapidly again. It never let up during the entire of 2012, and it’s just as busy in December as it was in January.

Shannon McMackin

Owner, VAST Space Projects

I grew up here sharing 99-cent breakfasts with friends. Since I’ve returned, its home-cooked meals and amazing conversations with the deepest friendships imaginable. 2012 was about eating and building community.

Cory Mervis

Las Vegas Halloween Parade

The March burn, “Flames of Change,” in Downtown LV. Getting two members of Las Vegas city government to attend Burning Man 2012. The 3rd Annual Las Vegas Halloween Parade, 2012. Being selected as the cultural attaché for Burning Man Project and Downtown Project to help bring Burning Man culture to downtown Vegas.