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The XX explains what happened at their rainy Vegas show

WE ASKED SINGER/GUITARIST Romy Madley-Croft about the rainout at her band’s big Las Vegas debut last fall at The Cosmopolitan’s Boulevard Pool.

Did you expect to see 2,800 people at a show in a city you’d never played before?

No way! We were so touched to see so many people, and really grateful they all showed up. That one was definitely a real unforgettable one. We were like, of course it would rain when we’re here.

Before the downpour ended the show, did you feel that the drizzled, hazy, nighttime vibe actually complemented your music?

Yeah. I think there was something special in the air before the [heavy] rain came. We were all covered up under [a tarp] so we could all stay there. One of my memories was someone … trying to make my amp not short-circuit. We weren’t going to leave the stage, but we were told we had to come off, and we were dragged off. It’s awful, we never want to not play [unless it’s an issue] of health and safety.

Why didn’t you reschedule with The Cosmopolitan?

That stuff is out of my hands, to be honest, but I would have been happy to play there again. It would have been our luck that it would have rained again. It think we’d rather [not risk it] and just play inside [at the Joint] and make sure everyone would be able to see our full show — and be dry.

THE XX (with Chairlift) Tuesday, April 16, 7 p.m.; The Joint, 4455 Paradise Road,, $28.