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Someone Sent Us These: CD reviews


“Ouvrir//Format” (self-released)

Enough time may have lapsed that whatever mash-up fatigue we were feeling three years ago, when casino dance spots played everything but the electronic dance music they’re flouting now, may allow us to fully appreciate Totescity’s latest mixtape, “Ouvrir//Format” (that’s “open format”). Doodle Do and Gables’ placement of obvious candidates such as 50 Cent, Weezer and Green Day is often offset by indie-approved samples (The Knife, MGMT) and the right production obfuscation to make this subversive enough to perturb the bottle-service brats but robust enough to pack the floor at Artifice, where the two reign on Friday nights. Sometimes they pile it on a bit too much, and other times it sounds a little too Girl Talk. But unlike that mash-up pioneer, Totescity has shown evolution in its short career, and there’s evidence of more here. (Album release party is July 13, 10 p.m., at Saville Row at Luxor, with guests STRFKR and Quarters N’ Eighths.) MIKE PREVATT

Louis Prima Jr.

“Return of the Wildest” (Universal)

No matter how the musical climate and the identity of pop music sways, classic — and occasionally campy — lounge music will never die in Las Vegas. Especially with Louis Prima Jr. carrying on the legacy of his father, one of the most prolific swing artists to ever live. On his debut full-length, “Return of the Wildest,” Junior pays tribute with the Prima staples “I Wanna Be Like You” and “Jump, Jive and Wail,” backed by The Witnesses and Sarah Spiegel, a punchy ball of East Coast lounge vocally doomed to sing swing forever. Combine that with the full, Brian Setzer-esque vocals of Prima Jr., and you’re left with modern stripes painted on the white tuxedo’d sounds of old Vegas. MAX PLENKE