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Save Yayo Taco!

The Friday night after Yayo Taco’s announced closing, the venue, its patio and its parking lot were littered with kids out in support of the last legit all-ages music spot in the valley. The bar and kitchen were dark. In fact there was no indication anyone employed by the University district taco joint was present. But music was going strong, volunteers outside collecting donations and volunteers inside playing music, forfeiting any money they might’ve earned in order to raise cash. At the end of the night, after Holding Onto Sound, Caravels, Alaska and other bands you’d see there on a regular basis had all played, the benefit show raised $1,016, doubling the initial $477 fine the eatery owed the Health District, surpassing the alleged $700-plus update.

But what that’s going to mean is still unclear. “We don’t know until we talk to [Southern Nevada Health District],” said Sergio Medina, Stolas guitar player and one of the event’s organizers. Even if Yayo Taco can’t reopen, if the C health grade, the fines and the dirty kitchen keep it from renewing its tenanthood, what happened Friday night should be a message to Las Vegas: This community is ravenous and needs a place to go.