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Jan 29, 2014 3:41pm

You have probably seen the billboards, the blogger posts, the banner ads, the news spots, and maybe even the TV commercials (apparently people still watch TV?). Even a faux demonstration of grammarians protesting the gross...


Jan 08, 2014 2:19pm
<p>R&amp;amp;B group Savage Rose was one of the bands that performed at a recent music showcase in hopes of being seen by a talent scout.</p>

R&amp;B group Savage Rose was one of the bands that performed at a recent music showcase in hopes of being seen by a talent scout.

The Legends Bar & Grill is a bit off the beaten path (Boulder Highway, past Tropicana Avenue) and its clientele primarily consists of neighborhood residents coming by after work to watch the game on one of their dozen flat-screen TVs.

However, on the night of King Ryan Events’ Live Music Showcase, it resembled something out of the B.E.T. Awards. At 30 minutes prior to the scheduled start time of 6 p.m., the parking lot was full, and I had to park on street. The event started 20 minutes late due to both the sound man and disk jockeys being late.

Every act got three songs to perform in front of the panel of judges from various major music groups, with the top three coming back for the finale.

There were no fee for acts to register per se, but they had to sell a number of presale tickets (at $20 a person) to preform. Not strictly a contest, it was mostly an opportunity to be seen, network, and receive feedback from industry professionals.

Rose Savage, a pop/dance trio in the style of En Vogue visually (and vocally reminiscent of both Sheila E and at times, Eartha Kitt) went first. Which was both a blessing (as judges tend to remember the first act), but also a curse, because these essentially were the sound check for the night.

The girls handled themselves admirably despite having to sing over/through the backing track.

Technical issues would plague the night; tracks stopped completely during acts, or did not start at all, forcing them to go a capella; all of which caused not only a LOT of dead time between acts, but also a lot of chronic smoke from the bathroom.

After two hours and four performances, I had to leave for another commitment but was told by Joe Denson, regional coordinator and hip-hop brand ambassador for the Los Angeles-based King Ryan Events, that “depending on the success of this one, the next one will be at the House of Blues in a few months.”

That remains to be seen. CL

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