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The return of Twin Brother

Twin Brother
Twin Brother

ON JUNE 6, Las Vegas sees the return of two boundary-pushing local bands we haven’t been able to catch in awhile: Kid Meets Cougar, which has been hibernating since its EP release in February 2012, and Twin Brother, which disbanded shortly after playing the release party for that KMC record. The occasion: A Life Is Beautiful showcase, which takes place two days after the lineup for the new downtown festival (to be held Oct. 26-27) is revealed. Will the showcase become a celebration party for one or both bands?

We checked in with Twin Brother — which has written new material ahead of the showcase — to inquire about its comeback.

What motivated the regrouping? What had you missed most?

Sonny Saipale, guitarist/vocalist for Twin Brother: We all enjoy playing music. Whether together or on our own, most of us write music in our spare time. We figured we might as well collaborate again and see what happens. I’d say we all missed the pre-show group showers. We’re really looking forward to that.

Did you ultimately address whatever didn’t work the first time around?

There really wasn’t anything to address. We were just excited to all play together again. Our only concern is that Las Vegas may never see a Shakey’s Pizza built here.

Can you say anything about the new songs you’ve made since regrouping?

We’d rather keep it a surprise. We’ve got a few new ideas. Of course, you will hear some new ones [at the showcase].

How will making music and playing gigs work with singer/guitarist Adam Grill dividing his time between two cities?

We’re working on several clones at the moment. The trick is the beard. We can’t get the damn beard right.

How did the Life Is Beautiful gig come about?

We were asked [around] January, but it had almost been a year since we had all played together. It kind of got set aside as we all just kept working on our own little projects. Then in April, we were approached for the confirmation of playing the show and figured it’d be a fun thing to do. We all missed playing together and everyone happened to be in town, so we gratefully accepted the offer.

Any other gigs on the schedule yet?

We don’t have any other shows planned yet. Just having fun writing new stuff.

With Trevor and the Joneses, Cinemetric, XNY, The Pax Trend. Wednesday, June 5, 7 p.m.; Beauty Bar, 517 Fremont St.,, free