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The return of Skorchamenza

In 2009, Skorchamenza pulled a Smashing Pumpkins. The local, self-proclaimed art rock act folded six years in, not wanting to compete with the Killers of the world.

“The creative community seemed to swing from rock, punk, etc., to the indie scene that we know today,” says lead singer/guitarist/co-founder Timothy Styles, who sensed distinterest in guitar rock.

But recently, Styles has been inspired by a new wave of “DIY, lo-fi garage scum” national acts. Feeling the pressure to get the rock out of his system before he felt too old to do so, he approached Skorchamenza co-founder/guitarist/vocalist Justin Wolf about giving the old band another go. Wolf agreed, and upon finding a new rhythm section, they began booking shows — the first of which takes place June 28. A third studio album will follow.

Styles, who also plays in Big Friendly Corporation, maintains that while indie music isn’t so pervasive anymore, the rise of folkier rock and EDM has nonetheless meant a “complete death of rock music.” He feels that Skorchamenza, with its ostentatious live presentation, could fill a void.

“I hope to inject some much-needed … grunge, for lack of a better term, in a music scene that lacks diversity,” he says. “I just want to make a great aggressive rock album, have a good time and give people an experience as opposed to a performance.” MIKE PREVATT

With Trevor and the Joneses and Fuzz So Low. 10 p.m.; The Divebar, 4110 S. Maryland Parkway, 586-3483.