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The Peccadilloes’ 10-year reunion includes a shelved album seeing daylight

By the time this story goes to press, Jarret Thompson, now of Colorado, formerly of Las Vegas, will be at The Thirsty Clover, a practice space in the home of Jason Hansen and Sandy Moreno. They, along with guitarist James Messina and replacement bassist Joe Cycenas, will try relentlessly to learn at least 20 tunes of former-but-never-really-former Las Vegas punk band The Peccadilloes’ 60-song repertoire. By the time you read this it will be, by TV sportscaster vernacular, crunch time.

When The Peccadilloes stopped playing shows regularly in 2008, the band had one full album, Rumor Control, under its belt, plus one that was unreleased. Chaos Show is a rip-roaring, punk rock tidal wave crested by vocalist Sandy Moreno’s fuck-authority dirges, pitched forth as sharp, throat-mutilating growls. But after Thompson moved to Colorado and bassist Tad Hashey quit, there wasn’t enough dough lying around to release the album in the tenacious capacity deserved of the sophomore release of a growing, promising local outfit. And so it sat.

After the group more or less disbanded, the still-local, still-playing members of Peccadilloes (Moreno, Hansen and Messina) formed The Gashers — a brutal, vicious version of a band already known for being brutal and vicious — and were swept up quickly by Allan Carter’s SquidHat Records to join the now 10-band family. “I always felt that Peccadilloes were too important to just fade away,” Carter says. “As we worked with The Gashers, I always hinted to James, Jason and Sandy that we needed to do something special to celebrate Peccadilloes.”

June 29 is the fruition of that something special. With 2013 as the 10-year anniversary of the band, Carter proposed remastering Rumor Control and remixing and remastering Chaos Show, this time more raw in the mix for the band’s early fans, culminating in a double CD dubbed 10 Years … A Million Beers. “Honestly [we] never felt we really ‘broke up’,” Moreno says, “so we always hoped to one day both play together again and release Chaos Show in its entirety.”

But it’s less the release than the release party that has fans, and the band’s own label head, geeked. Along with labelmates The Dirty Panties and The Quitters, Carter’s going to get to see the band that spurred him to pick up Vegas punk bands in the first place. “For me, it’s a bit selfish,” he says. “I really want to see The Peccadilloes one more time, and I think that many others do, too. Peccadilloes, whether you loved them or hated them, are an important part of Vegas’ punk legacy. … If this is truly the last time we ever get The Peccadilloes on a stage I hope this show and CD will be a fitting send-off. This is my love letter to my adopted hometown.”

While Moreno is similarly sentimental (“It’s always a heartwarming experience to play the old stuff,” she says), that isn’t the focus. She hasn’t played the old material with a full band, and out from behind the drums, in years. Like we said. It’s crunch time.

THE PECCADILLOES, with The Quitters, The People’s Whiskey, others, Saturday, June 29, 10 p.m.; Double Down Saloon, 4640 Paradise Road, 791-5775, free