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His Royal Purpleness returns to Las Vegas

In St. Paul, Minn., inside the Minnesota Historical Society, in the collections department on Level B, in a vertical glass case, is a purple suit smaller than what would be worn by most men who wear suits. When former Rio resident Prince wore it in Purple Rain, it looked much larger, probably because the Grammy-hoarder’s personality is like a thick layer surrounding his little frame. But empty, it looks so much more literal, the suit that wraps snugly around a body that only rises 62 inches off the ground. He’s a go-to for us northerners who need to defend our alleged lack of killer music (how much Purple Rain do you have, Los Angeles? Oh, fuckin’ NONE?!). So knowing he’s going to come be Minnesotan as hell all over The Joint and, indeed, our hearts, brings a snowflakey tear to my eye. And two days straight? You betcha. Welcome back, Alexander Nevermind. Friday-Saturday, April 26-27, 8 p.m.; The Joint, 4455 Paradise Road, 693-5000, $55-$95