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Free touring advice from Fortunate Youth

Local musicians hear it like a broken record: Go out and tour. Well, one did: Jordan Rosenthal, a Vegas drummer who joined Fortunate Youth. He’s on a two-month trek (which stops here May 31) with the SoCal reggae act, and while Rosenthal’s in a national band with more resources than your typical local outfit, he’s learned something about making the most out of a life on the road:

“There are two ways [to tour]: You play all the shows with your band, stay in your green room, don’t socialize with fans and other bands, and stay in hotels every night. Or you can do what Fortunate Youth does. Just introduce yourself to everyone you meet who is working, and hang out with all the bands and fans at the show … because when you play — and if they like you — there’s a [bigger] chance that you will go to an afterparty, or be able to stay at their house, [and] really learn about the town or city that you are in. In a two-month tour, we stayed in a hotel maybe three times, and the rest of the time we either stayed at fans or friends’ houses, or we just hung out and partied with fans or friends until the early morning, and then [drove] through the night to the next city we are playing. You can make a tour a two-month experience, [but] by meeting new friends … that two-month experience can last a lifetime.”

With Inna Vision. Friday, May 31, 8 p.m.; Hard Rock Live, 3771 Las Vegas Blvd. South, 733-7625, $12-$15.