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EDC: What we learned from last year

Electric Daisy Carnival isn’t just a three-night party. It’s an exercise in survival. We took notes from our experience last year to share with the noobs and absent-minded returnees this year.

<strong>Ingress:</strong> For a speedier arrival, bail on I-15 early (like, say, Craig Road) and take streets when possible. Oh, and the earlier you get there, the less bumper-to-bumper you’ll experience on the way in … and the less likely you’ll spend an hour waiting in the pat-down queues.

<strong>Exodus:</strong> Leave at least an hour before closing time. We left at sunrise last year, and we barely stayed awake during the hour-long crawl out of Northtown.

<strong>Car storage:</strong> Map your spot — and your entry gate — and jot it down somewhere. You aren’t parking in a well-routed casino garage. This is a largely gravel lot that will, on average, host 70,000 cars. There’s no re-entry, and at night every hatchback looks the same.

Agua: While the weather is forecasted to be breezy and in the 70s, dancing and walking back and forth across that monstrous Speedway will require consistent hydration. Bring an empty camelbak or use a beverage bottle (purchased inside the Speedway) at the free, filtered and plentiful water refilling stations. We repeat: WATER IS FREE.

<strong>Chow:</strong> If you’re already fatigued at 2 a.m. and your buds insist on going the distance ‘til dawn, stock up on some calories and protein, for chrissakes. However, as a public service, please allow an hour between scarfing down a cheeseburger and riding the Tornado.

<strong>Assembly point:</strong> Designate a distinct meeting spot. There will be 111,000 people there each day. And cell reception will likely be unreliable.

<strong>Data drain:</strong> Between texting, tweeting and taking a picture of every floodlight moment at the Kinetic Stage, you’re going to sap your cell battery dry before the fireworks. Pre-plan and buy (and charge) extra batteries made specifically for your phone model.

<strong>Speaking of the main stage:</strong> Need more space to twirl about to “Levels”? Go around the back of the rear VIP grandstand and hang out to the side closest to the stadium seats — it’s less crowded.

Disco naps: Fuck the weekend pool parties (that will cost half your EDC ticket anyway). Get some shut-eye.

<strong>Root for the little guy:</strong> Vegas folks can regularly see Avicii, Kaskade, Tiesto and the Swedouche House Mafia. Treat this like a trip to SXSW or Coachella and see some of the more obscure artists that rarely or never come to town. Like Flux Pavilion, Adventure Club, Mat Zo and Digitalism.

<strong>What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger:</strong> We implore you to join one dubstep pit. Jump around. Throw some ’bows. It went down as a favorite moment of last year. If you’re going to spend your rent money on a festival ticket, you should get some good experiences out of it … that don’t involve MDMA, a stretcher and girls from Laguna Beach.

<strong>Choose shoes:</strong> This is a dance event. Don’t wear heels. You’ll look dumb and your feet will hate you before the weekend’s over. Ditto for flip-flops.

<strong>Old guys and drugs:</strong> Listen, no matter how normal they might look, no one should be that excited to share their joint. Stay back, stay alive. And asking for some “Molly” from a guy who looks like your high school adviser isn’t going to turn out well.