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Q&A: Adrian Patrick of Otherwise

Otherwise, with Adrian Patrick, center. (COURTESY)
Otherwise, with Adrian Patrick, center. (COURTESY)

Your latest video, “I Don’t Apologize,” was sponsored by Monster Energy drinks. Does that mean your guitars are covered in logos, or you’re just going to be tweaking on caffeine for the next year?

Adrian Patrick, lead singer: We’ll pretty much have a lifetime supply of Monster Energy drinks. They funded the video and we had to have one product placement shot in the video [swigging Monster during a shot at Champagne’s Cafe]. We were sketched out because it’s our first big corporate sponsorship, but it turned out really well. It’s only been out a couple weeks and it’s already got 20,000 views. It was definitely worth selling out [laughs].

“Soldiers” was originally about your struggle as a band. Were you gung ho about the war effort before the song?

Especially for my brother [guitarist Ryan Patrick] and I, with our parents being immigrants from the Middle East, it’s a very touchy subject. No one’s ever pro-war, but we feel deeply for the men and women who have to go fight for some cause that a politician told them they’re supposed to believe in. We’re pro-servicemen and women. We’re for the people out there doing the job. It doesn’t mean you necessarily agree with being sent over there. We never intended it to be a pro-war anthem. We want it to be a pro-life [not referring to abortion] anthem. There’s people struggling on the frontlines and at home just to put food on the table, going paycheck to paycheck. That’s how we felt in the Las Vegas music scene. We struggled for so many years to be heard and have someone take a chance on us. That’s what that song was born out of, that drive to not give up.

And now you’re signed with Century Media, home to Napalm Death and Andrew W.K. Why did you go with that label?

I have history with the label dating back to 2010, when I did a guest vocal on a duet with Maria Brink from In This Moment called “The Promise.” Of course, ever since “Soldiers,” the labels that turned us down before have been calling our management wanting to take meetings and see the band play. But Century had always been there for us and stayed in touch. So when we sat down in their offices, it felt like home and felt really good. We were like, “Screw these other labels.”

Right now you’re touring with Papa Roach and Stone Sour. What are the unspoken rules to touring with seasoned rock bands like those?

Don’t piss anybody off. We have to be very mindful of where we’re at. Regardless of any obstacles being the opening band, we’re still given the opportunity by these veterans to play in front of thousands of people every night. Even if you have like six inches of stage space, it’s OK because you have six inches in front of 4,000 people.

Are there tricks to surviving a year on the road?

I don’t know if there’s a real trick. My own personal thing is reminding myself that this is what I wanna do. I get to wake up in a different city every morning, cities I’ve never been to and never heard of. It’s a big adventure, and if you look at it like an adventure, I think that’s how these guys keep their interest and sanity and drive. Because who doesn’t want to go on an adventure?

OTHERWISE with Stone Sour and Papa Roach Friday, Feb. 15, 8 p.m.; The Joint at Hard Rock Hotel, 4455 Paradise Road, 693-5000, $35