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Not the Last Call just yet

Back in July we spoke with heavy-hearted Last Call frontman Austin Jeffers, during which he laid out one of the most depressing stories of a band totally screwed out of what should have been an easy deal: Release debut full-length on record label, sell the living shit out of it, tour the country. To which life replied: Label Mightier Than Sword goes under, leaves band to foot four-figure bill, puts band members in crazy debt and close to calling it quits. “We were at an impasse and weren’t sure how to handle ourselves,” Jeffers told us at the time. “It’s a lot of insurmountable odds that we weren’t ready to face.”

But by a couple absurdly compassionate acts — and drummer Adam Blasco shouldering most of the roughly $9,000 debt — Last Call’s debut, self-released full-length, Dog Years, is out and circulating, with its release party the first week of January. “[Producer] Paul [Miner] was like, ‘I’ll just take a loss and help you finish this record,’” Jeffers says. “Like ‘I’ll go through hard times to make sure you get your record done.’”

And so he did. The album is heartfelt, immaculately executed, completely new, save a rerecording of early track “Glassell St.” — a prime example of the inextinguishable energy the band’s had since the beginning, plus the restless angst of lyrics written in a time of a grayed future.

With what Jeffers estimates to be $1,500 they still owe Miner, the preorder went live late November, self-released on Last Call and friends’ Broken Arrow Collective, a combination label and awareness group promoting and instilling awareness regarding marriage rights, women’s rights and suicide prevention.

“It’s Adam’s brainchild,” Jeffers says. “It’s a group of friends, and on it we decided to release the record. We just fuckin’ went at it and got it finished. … The truth is, [Adam] and I, in the last couple years, have really fucked up any chance of being a productive adult. I think I’ve got like $12k in debt because of Last Call. I don’t really care. We just wanna make music and be on the road.” Which, by the way, they will — with a 2013 nationwide tour.