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Bring the Noise: Imagine Dragons

Imagine Dragons

Feb. 9 at The Joint

Hanging by a rope dropped from The Joint’s rafters, Dan Reynolds, like a tall, limby 5-year-old, swung himself over a hysterical audience while singing the chorus to “On Top of the World.” This is what you could call a power move. You can’t not be a platinum-certified artist and dangle gleefully over 4,000 people in Las Vegas. So you could imagine that, for Imagine Dragons, getting to hurl its frontman over such an audience carries the same weight as showing up to an awards ceremony in a pink-stretch Hummer.

The band’s headlining show at The Joint felt like a natural and logical step in the Napoleonic conquering of most things under the pop umbrella. And it certainly pulled out the stops for added band girth, including a war drum the size of a hot tub center stage for Reynolds. They played the hits, even tried out some of the lesser-known tracks from Night Visions. As expected, “Radioactive” triggered the big crowd freakout. Say what you will about the band using Alex Da Kid and his rap proclivities heavily on Night Visions’ second single. The live version was more Taiko, more drumline, than anything else. That hot-tub drum got a workout. A line of toms, additional bass drum and multiple floor toms the same. There was even a drum build, darkness and silence, and a bass drop, which, yeah — a little cheesy — but fuck, was it cool.