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A visit to Simpo Sandwich

<p>The Simpo Wrap</p>

The Simpo Wrap

CityLifers Kristy Totten and Scott Dickensheets visited downtown’s Simpo Sandwich shop

Scott: If memory serves, this used to be the Iowa Cafe, some years ago. Indiana Cafe? One of those I states. Anyway, I’m glad someone’s in here now, and with a sandwich shop. Charleston, between Third and Casino Center — good place for one. Walking in, I dug the mural on the east wall, three silhouetted figures filled with and surrounded by a collage of clipped-out words, one of them holding a sign that says, “Change your world, vote!” MLK’s head is in there, reflective of the place’s African-American ownership …

Kristy: It’s revolutionary. I dug all the activist art.

Scott: Yeah, miles better than generic food prints. OK, the food: After serious menu scrutiny, I tried the Vegas club, to see if I could taste the Vegas.

Kristy: The Simpo Wrap had everything — ham, turkey, bacon, cheddar, avocado. I was really impressed with the meat. It was Boar’s Head brand, cut thick.

Scott: How did it taste?

Kristy: Good. The green tortilla wrap was just OK, a little too thick and bunched up at the ends, but the meat was awesome, especially the turkey. It was orange around the edges and a little spicy. It was supposed to have come with smoky aioli, but what I got seemed more like ranch.

Scott: Mine was good, too, and I, for one, thought the aioli, while not exactly smoky, was better than ranch. In the interest of honesty, I gotta say, the service was a little slow. But then they brought my club sandwich and I was like, maybe that explains it. Because it was big. It wasn’t just toss some meat and cheese on some bread. So it was time well-spent.

Kristy: Right, and they sliced the meat behind the counter, which I liked. They were understaffed, but it made sense because they weren’t very busy during lunch hour. Hopefully that changes.

Scott: Yeah, it would’ve been nice to see a few more people in there at 12:30 on a Monday afternoon. Maybe this convo will help! People, go in there! Anthony, the owner, came out to shake hands, not because we were media people — we didn’t let on — but because it’s that kind of place.

Kristy: Definitely. The sandwiches were solid, the people were friendly and the arts district needs dining options. I hope to see it catch on.

300 E. Charleston Blvd. No. 101, 868-0215