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Ten-course year: Our dining writer’s favorite 10 dishes of 2012

<p>Poutine at Public House</p>

Poutine at Public House

<p>Lasagna at Allegro</p>

Lasagna at Allegro

<p>French onion soup at The Range</p>

French onion soup at The Range

<p>Crispy langoustines at Picasso</p>

Crispy langoustines at Picasso

Looking back on all the amazing food I’ve had over the past year, it’s tough narrow the list down to 10. But since CityLife doesn’t have room for 100, I’ve done the appropriate editing. (These are unranked and listed in alphabetical order.)

Chorizo biscuits and gravy

Border Grill

Border Grill’s all-you-can-eat weekend brunch is one of the best deals in town, and this often overlooked dish is the best thing on the menu.

Crispy langoustines


Perhaps it’s that Julian Serrano personally prepared these critters for me, or simply the amazing atmosphere of his Bellagio flagship, but I’ve never had a crustacean dish as good as his langoustines with paquillo peppers.

French onion soup

The Range

Hidden on the second floor of Harrah’s, this steakhouse offers one of the best Strip views in town. Even if you aren’t in the mood for a full meal, it’s worth a visit to sit at the bar and have the soup, which is served in a whole onion.

Fried chicken

Meat & 3

It’s a simple dish in an unassuming cafeteria-style restaurant, but Chef Chris Herrin and his crew do it to perfection.



Made with meatballs, sausage and braciola, this is the most amazing lasagna I’ve ever experienced.


The Meatball Spot

If you’re looking to quench your sweet tooth in Town Square, dig into one of the decadent desserts at Carla Pellegrino’s new restaurant.


Public House

This amped-up order of French fries, topped with gravy, cheese curds and duck confit, is my new go-to-comfort food.

Seafood Tower

Old Homestead

I know it’s not terribly original, but with crab legs the size of a toddler’s forearm, this is the best raw bar offering in town.

Sea urchin pasta

Nakamura Ya

This restaurant gets overshadowed by its trendier neighbors Raku, Monta and Kabuto. But its Japanese interpretation of Italian cuisine makes it one of our town’s most unique restaurants, and the sea urchin pasta is its most interesting dish.

Shepherd’s Pie

Gordon Ramsay Steak

The masses rave about Ramsay’s beef wellington, and rightfully so. But the shepherd’s pie he offers in his lamb duo is my favorite dish in the town’s hottest new steakhouse.