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Restaurant Spotlight: STK steakhouse is a natural beef haven

Spotlight: All-natural beef

STK at The Cosmopolitan

3708 Las Vegas Blvd. South,

“Not your daddy’s steakhouse.”

That’s the tagline of STK, a femme-friendly, eco-conscious restaurant at The Cosmopolitan that prides itself on details an undiscerning carnivore would overlook.

Its owner, The One Group, which also has locations in New York City, Los Angeles and Miami, uses the “Never Never” policy, which certifies that its cuts have never been injected with hormones or antibiotics.

“The antibiotics you give cattle goes into the ground and affects the land, which affects the cows and eventually affects you,” says Executive Chef Stephen Hopcraft.

The natural beef menu seemed appropriate for his clientele, who are mostly women and health-minded diners.

STK serves a changing selection of natural cuts, including a 7-ounce filet. The demand is surprising, as are the steaks themselves.

“You would think that it wouldn’t be as marbled, but actually it shows to be very marbled, even more than those pumped with antibiotics,” Hopcraft says.

Cooked to medium, side by side with a non-natural filet of the same size, the natural cut will retain more water and come out looking fuller than its certified-beef counterpart. “It’s almost like looking at two different sizes,” Hopcraft says.

On the menu, STK offers imported Kobe Wagyu beef, as well as natural and grass-fed slabs, which change based on market price and availability.

Some of the veggies STK features are also organic, such as the melon used in its signature king crab salad, with avocado and grapefruit.

Why all-natural?

“It seemed like a natural fit,” Hopcraft says, laughing. “No pun intended.”