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More four-skull delights at Frankie’s Tiki Room

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Photo by Todd Lussier

Frankie’s Tiki Room has revised its cocktail menu? If your first thought (like mine) was, “Jesus, will I still be able to get a Fink Bomb?!” allow me to put your mind at rest. All of the Frankie’s classics and their attendant exotic drinkware remain in place and you may order tiki bandits in their Mula Mula slot machine glasses to your heart’s (and liver’s) content. The new additions are still distinctly tropical, but many have an unexpected twist in the flavor.

The Savage Flame has a name like an old-time burlesque star and, as a peach-tinted, slightly bubbly concoction served in a champagne coupe, it does seem like something Tempest Storm might sip. But along with the rum, Cointreau and guava, there’s also a splash of allspice dram, which gives the drink a slightly smoky kick. Also on the slightly fruity tip is the Tangerine Speedo, a sweet mix of amber rum, Chambord and Campari; the most popular new addition is the Scurvy, so named because it will supposedly keep the old sailor’s ailment at bay with rum and citrus; and the Tonga Reefer gets a hit from four rums, lime and guava.

Then there are the libations for the lovers of dark rum and dark beer. The piratically monikered Black Duck offers the dusky flavor of blackstrap rum and blood orange liqueur — a few faint-hearted souls have been known to add a splash of tonic. And the Ah Foo blends rum with date syrup and chocolate bitters. Sure, it’s already a room crammed with carved Polynesian goddesses and kings (see if you can find the hidden Freemason’s symbol!) serving four-skull-rated three-rum scum, but the new cocktails add even more exotica.