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Resident Evil pop quiz

<p>Milla Jovovich in &#8220;Resident Evil&#8221;</p>

Milla Jovovich in “Resident Evil”

Guess Who: Milla Jovovich or her character, Alice, from the Resident Evil movies:

1. Modeled the 2012 Calvin Klein earrings on the cover of September 2012 issue of FLARE magazine

2. Is a supremely efficient killing machine

3. Enjoys playing the guitar, writing in her diary, creating poetry and thinking up lyrics for songs

4. Enjoys using telekinesis to explode the bodies of zombies and undead dogs

5. Gave birth to a daughter in 2007 with her director-husband, Paul Anderson

6. Has no time for children as she focuses all her energy on riddling the bodies of mutant creatures with her Beretta 92F/FS automatic assault weapon

7. International spokesmodel for L’Oreal cosmetics

8. Fights a giant axe-wielding monster named The Executioner

9. Starred as the beautiful alien in the Bruce Willis movie, The Fifth Element

10. She became friends with her own clones and led them on an assault on the Tokyo headquarters of an evil biochemical company

Answers: 1. Milla; 2. Alice; 3. Milla; 4. Alice; 5. Milla; 6. Alice; 7. Milla; 8. Alice; 9. Milla; 10. Milla*

*Yes, Milla Jovovich was cloned (like every celebrity in Hollywood) and led an attack against a competitor of L’Oreal. You can Google it. RICK STOECKEL