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The uncertain future of Krave Massive

Why it might not open

• The public shaming of Carolyn Goodman and the city, who, according to the Review-Journal’s exhaustive investigative report on Feb. 17, overlooked the laundry list of red flags in owner Kelly Murphy’s business portfolio. The ensuing embarrassment could force the mayor and City Council to turn on the still-unfinished gay club.

Murphy is broke. Krave filed for bankruptcy in 2010. His checks have bounced. And he’s repeatedly asked the city for financial help.

• And even if he overcomes his financial shortcomings to open Krave Massive, Murphy is being sued by the landlord of his backup property, from whom he allegedly withheld rent payments.

Downtown is a still an unproven destination for the LGBT mainstream. I can count on two hands my gay friends who will brave Fremont Street.

Too big to succeed: The original — and smaller — Krave struggled with Sunday-Thursday attendance. A significantly larger space doesn’t mean it suddenly starts attracting thousands more tourists and locals every week.

Why it might

The stubborness of Carolyn Goodman. “I’m 100 percent supportive of Krave Massive coming to Neonopolis” was pretty much the extent of what the mayor told the R-J.

• Murphy may be broke, but he could find other investors. The fact that Krave has ranked as the top-grossing LGBT nightclub in the country won’t be lost on others trying to breaking into the lucrative gay nightlife world.

What scandal? Gay clubbers won’t be driven away by shady business dealings. They want a party, dance music and hot boys, and Krave has traditionally offered all those things.

Gays will come downtown. They just need an excuse to join everyone else, and a gay club with a familiar name ought to do the trick (no pun intended). And, they’re already patronizing sister spot Drink & Drag.

Murphy will rebound. Local gay bars Snick’s and The Eagle emerged all but unscathed from their run-ins with the law. And Murphy clearly has the mayor in his corner. If he can settle his debts and open the damn thing, he may very well have the last laugh. MIKE PREVATT