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Su Limbert and Sierra Slentz


As an artist, Su Limbert is known for cutting fairy-tale figures from china plates and arranging them in narratives that explore how civilization impacts the natural world. As an artist, Sierra Slentz has made ceramic fairy-tale figurines that examine how people create (or re-create) “perfect environments.” Those commonalities — allegorical storytelling, an abiding interest in how humanity interacts with place — make their collaboration in The Cosmopolitan’s P3 Studio gallery a natural. Adding woodcut paintings to their menagerie of ceramic and china figures, they are creating what they call a “playful storybook world that explores the bittersweet narratives of home.” And you can be part of the open-ended, multiple-meaninged story — visitors are asked to fashion a clay representation of what home means to them, which they then “add to the growing collaborative village.” Wednesday-Sunday, 6-11 p.m.; The Cosmopolitan Las Vegas, 3708 Las Vegas Blvd. South,