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Picks: KRS-One

[HIP-HOP] Sunday-Monday, January 13-14

We try to picture what KRS-One must have looked like walking down a dark Bronx street in 1987, around the time he, D-Nice and DJ Scott LaRock (aka Boogie Down Productions) released Criminal Minded. Standing 6-foot-4, like a redwood in a track jacket, a colossus with a smile the size of a serving plate. One of the biggest pioneers in hip-hop is also one of the biggest pioneers in hip-hop.

This week, he, flying the flag of the Temple of Hip-Hop (a legitimate culture as recognized by the United Nations, it turns out), is giving a live lecture at The Arts Factory, speaking on the meaning and purpose of hip-hop. Which is going to be incredible, since almost every hip-hop history book ever has some mention of Kris Parker in some regard, whether just as a way to talk about Boogie Down Productions or as a means of bringing up the Stop the Violence Movement and KRS-One’s efforts toward using hip-hop as a vehicle of unity in a warring community.

Plus, along with the talk, the man’s going to perform the night before during Sunday Skoolin’ at Beauty Bar. It’s not even Hip-Hop History Month (November) or Hip-Hop Appreciation Week (third week of March). You lucked out, hip-hop heads.

Lecture: 5 p.m.; The Arts Factory, 107 E. Charleston Blvd.,, $10. Show 9 p.m.; Beauty Bar, 517 Fremont St.,, cover.