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Picks: Eri King’s ‘Buy Kingdom’

Eri King’s getting the band back together. For her new installation in the Winchester Cultural Center, King reconvened the Orange Assembly, the group of high-spirited volunteers who made her performance piece one of the highlights of last year’s London Bienalle event. With their help, she’s turning the Winchester Gallery into a mock-European setting — throne, stained glass. Except, in keeping with King’s abiding subject, the creative reuse of consumer detritus, the “throne” will be made of discarded electronic items and the “stained glass” is actually a quilt braided from shredded fabrics. It’s a compelling and ever-timely set of artistic concerns for a city built on heedless consumption.

For Friday’s event, you get to do more than look at the art. It’ll be what King describes as a Savers Prom — quoting from the press release here: “… attendees are encouraged to wear prom costumes, bring unwanted materials for donation, dance and relive the proms of teen cinema.” Oh, and this: There will be music and atmospherics provided by Space Cadet. The exhibit itself will be up until March 8. Reception: Jan. 18, 6-9 p.m.; Winchester Cultural Center, 3130 McLeod Drive, 455-7340