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Picks: Del the Funky Homosapien

[MUSIC] Saturday, Feb. 23

We will dispute all day the best Del the Funky Homosapien manifestation. The native Oaklander (and Ice Cube’s cousin, for whom he used to write in the ’90s — crazy, right?) has ink and vocals all over the underground hip-hop history books. For the surface-dwellers, he was the rapper from the Gorillaz single “Clint Eastwood.” And in order of depth from there: a founding member of celebrated rap collective Hieroglyphics, chief vocalist in the cyber-universe rebellion project Deltron 3030 and collaborator on the projects of Handsome Boy Modeling School and El-P, along with his own ridiculous roller coaster — album one is hot! Album two is commercially unsuccessful! — of a solo career.

This may not be a popular opinion (or it might be, hell, we don’t know). But Deltron 3030 is, in this staff’s opinion, the best thing Del has ever done. It has everything: Del, Kid Koala and Dan the Automator creating futuristic corporate takeover and the necessity of destroying it via lines like, “Right into the wireless/your third eye is hit with psoriasis.” FUCK!

But even if Del isn’t bringing the whole crew, the man’s solo efforts should still have a dedicated chapter in the rap handbook. When rhymes were getting heavy and gangster, the dude was getting weird, jazzy and crazy funny. Wrap your ears around No Need for Alarm, or more specifically, “Catch a Bad One.” Consider that a late Valentine’s Day present from us. 9 p.m.; Beauty Bar, 517 Fremont St., 423-8147, $15-$20