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Pick: Neon Lit

[LITERATURE] Friday, Nov. 30

Reading is one thing; a reading is another thing entirely. Something about hearing a story told aloud expands the private experience of prose into a multiperson reminder that storytelling was an oral tradition well before humans learned to write. Now, instead of a campfire, we have a downtown art gallery; and instead of Ogg embellishing tales about killing a mastadon, we have monthly rotations of UNLV MFA students and special guests (this month’s roster: Aurora Brackett, Jamison Crabtree, Kathryn Kruse, Matthew O’Brien, Denise Weber; guest reader Adam Strauss). It’s not too late to give thanks. 7 p.m. (cocktails at 6 in Bar + Bistro), Trifecta Gallery, in the Arts Factory, 107 E. Charleston Blvd.,, free