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Pick: Neon Holiday Bazaar

[SHOP LOCALLY] Saturday, November 24

As Las Veganites we’re often screwed when it comes to shopping for our anti-big-box loved ones. Fortunately, El Cortez Hotel and Casino is hosting the first Neon Holiday Bazaar, a market of local small businesses hocking homegrown wares, sort of like a real-life Setting up shop are Electric Lemonade, The Bungalow, Gypsy Den, The Jeweler’s Daughter and others. Even if everyone on your list just wants iPod Shuffles, the Bazaar’s filling the site with food trucks so if you aren’t shopping locally, you can at least eat that way. 12 p.m.; The Jackie Gaughan Plaza at El Cortez, 600 Fremont St., 385-5200, free.