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Pick: The Men

[MUSIC] Wednesday, April 24

First, let’s get this out of the way: We’re talking about The Men, started in 2008, currently on Sacred Bones Records. Not The Men, the pop band started in 1992, or MEN, started in 2007 with members of Le Tigre. And actually we aren’t even talking about The Men you heard on 2011’s Leave Home, in all its lo-fi intensity, its crude and disruptive and anarchic fuzz, but the two-year-older manifestation, the one that your parents would like, with its lonely, reverberating pseudo-twang, its country influence, its cowboy-hat-and-leather-jacket audible aesthetic. It still has balls, like it did at the beginning. But these balls aren’t as rough. Maybe they’ve been landscaped, trimmed, made more readily acceptable to a wider audience while maintaining the spunk and attitude they’ve always carried. It’s almost cheesy how much the new album, New Moon, out this month, sounds directly related to the meaning of its title. How this is a step in a different direction, like The Men has already proven it can obliterate your face, so now it’s time to prove its songwriting chutzpah. But the minute the band walks into The Bunkhouse, we’d put money on them feeling the itch to return to their two-years-previous selves — and burn that mother down. With Close to Modern, Nests. 9 p.m.; The Bunkhouse, 124 S. 11th St.,, $10