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Pick: Krystal Ramirez art exhibit

The show is titled I’m sorry we lied. “This mixed-media installation of photography, drawings, and video reflects on the construction of our public identities through technology and social media. Careful editing of our settings and selective posting, over-sharing through obsessive status updates … how do we present ourselves to our family and friends?”

Now we will stop quoting gallery PR and ponder what this show is really about.

It’s about peeling back the ways technology obscures — or has replaced — what’s authentic in our lives. It’s about subverting the control that technology asserts over us. So, using cameras on timers, Ramirez photographed people in their sleep — she didn’t trip the shutter or arrange the subjects. However they were splayed when the camera went off, that’s the image. Random, uninfluenced by media or technology, vulnerable in a way our media-curated selves rarely are. The exhibit includes more than 35 such shots.

There’s more. Against a mediaverse abuzz with status updates and tweets thumb-typed into smart phones, Ramirez offers handwritten phrases overheard in various contexts: conversations, speeches and, slyly, social media updates.

“I have one video piece,” she e-mailed us, “which is essentially a video portrait of an individual, in which one learns details about this person’s life while being able to observe his facial features, mannerisms and his varied vocal fillers/pauses without feeling as though one is staring and/or intruding.” Through May 10, Winchester Cultural Center, 3130 McLeod Drive, 455-7340. Opening reception, 5:30 p.m.