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Pick: Holiday Havoc with The Shins

[MUSIC] Thursday, Dec. 6

OK. So the name Holiday Havoc doesn’t really make sense in context. X107.5 didn’t rope in a Deftones or a Soundgarden for its annual holiday gig. And unless it’s a more abstract usage of “havoc,” something describing Black Friday or the rush and ebb and flow of holiday traffic, we don’t really find The Shins, Passion Pit and AWOLNation to be satisfactory synonyms. So, please, when you log onto that TicketMaster page, buy your tickets and bellow lion-heartedly when Passion Pit’s “Take a Walk” is about as havoc-inducing as it gets, don’t shoot the messenger.

That said, this show could be better than most of the New Year’s Eve options available at the end of the month. The Shins are back after a successful tour stop in support of 2012’s absurdly driveable Port of Morrow, marking a more energetic James Mercer, who isn’t above playing playing from 2001’s more-popular Oh, Inverted World. Passion Pit’s new album, Gossamer, marks frontman Michael Angelakos’ move from sweetheart bedroom music for achy-souled overthinkers to slickly produced big-venue pounders, as if he found out everything he plays can be turned up another four clicks to satisfy American Apparel models dancing in primary colors. And while we probably wouldn’t sit through AWOLNation, we’d gladly skip a beer break for LA’s Youngblood Hawke, which falls somewhere along the lines of live band versions of MGMT and Passion Pit, instead of the bookiness implied by a band that shares its name with a Herman Wouk novel. It’s going to be the most buoyant, good-natured havoc a crowd could ask for. 7 p.m.; The Joint, 4455 Paradise Road, 693-5583, $34