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We once saw a photo of ’80s art star Keith Haring painting his distinctive characters on a plain, wooden skateboard ramp in some anonymous neighborhood of New York City. That’s when it hit us: Art can be especially exciting when it shows up in an unexpected place, addressing an audience unaccustomed to it.

You can draw a not-very-straight line — illustrating a conceptual journey if not a stylistic similarity — between that photo of Haring and the sixth LVsk8 exhibit. Here, more than 50 artists, working in any number of genres — highbrow, lowbrow, tattoo — have tricked up 70 skateboard decks, turning an iconic item of pop culture into street-worthy pieces of art. This is how we all should roll. Thursday, July 6, 7-10 p.m.; <em>Get Up Gallery, Emergency Arts, 520 E. Fremont St.,, free. On display through July 28.</em>